Vigour's Guide to Using Berserk at Bigfoot

Discussion in 'Guides' started by Vigour, Mar 9, 2014.

  1. Vigour

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    Hello all! If you're a DrK and are having trouble at zerking Bigfoot, then you've come to the right place! About 3 years ago, I created a video tutorial on a different pserver explaining in-depth how exactly to go about doing this. And this all comes in HD format! So sit back, grab some popcorn (or not) and prepare to change the way you view soloing Bigfoot in under 5 minutes! Even if you already know how to do this as a DrK, or have your HP washed, I still highly suggest you watch this video, just for fun!

    Happy hunting!

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  2. Mezmorizor

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    More importantly, this position also allows you to bypass Bigfoots invincibility frames, so you can just hold shift until stance fails. Useful for all warriors.

    Also, you should have seriously mentioned that you need stance 20 at the minimum, and 30 is preferred.
  3. Sir

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    I like this a lot :)
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  4. Royal

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    10/10 Guide of the year.
    Classic old GMS explanation.
    Now I won't ever have to repeat myself when explaining this to others.
  5. Rizener

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    Great guide, im new to my DRK and this helped a lot, i died so many times before watching this video, thanks :)
  6. Dizzzy

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    What pots are ideal to use for zerking as a DrK?
  7. SweetPayback

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    I mean it works but it looks side/map specific if you use those visual hints.
    You'll still be stuck in other BF maps and BPQ's that way.
    I'd say it is good to give you a feel for the distance but you'll need to try to master it without the visual hints.
  8. panatown

    panatown Community Member

    depends on hp and wdef, may be best to just use cheese.

    an easy way to activate zerk is to make dragons roar level 19, so you can just pot to full at dragons roar and be in zerk range - this would work at bf too, since at the right distance bf only stomps and deals 1 damage.
  9. Dizzzy

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    Right now I have 16k clean, but I dont plan on playing my DrK again until it has 18.7k clean for that sweet 30k hp with hb.
  10. panatown

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    until honey (30% hpmp - 9k hp on 30k) exists on this server, it's probably best to use milk/cheese or pot to full and roar.
  11. Dizzzy

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    thank you very much :)
    Thank you very much :)
  12. fifthpink

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