FM Frenzy Event: 1/10, 02:00@Servertime

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  1. Aerys

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    On Monday, 1/10 at 02:00 Servertime, I will host a Freemarket Frenzy Event!


    Two GMs will be hiding in two random Free Market rooms.

    The rooms available will be between Room 1 and Room 12:

    Free Market (open)

    Please note that, depending on GM availability, this could be changed into 1 GM for 6 Rooms, between Room 1 and Room 6 (lower floor of the Freemarket map). Or 1 GM for 12 Rooms, between Room 1 and Room 12.

    Once a Round starts, you'll have some seconds to choose one of the room in which to wait the countdown. When the time's up, the GMs will unhide, and whoever is in the same Room as them will win the round.
    There will be atleast 10 rounds.

    Please keep in mind that multiclienting during GM events is NOT allowed! If you and someone else sharing the same connection wanna participate, please send a PM to Exodus, Indie or Cipher, asking to join our Whitelist.


    - You'll obtain one Event Ticket as participation.
    - Each round winner will be awarded 1 Ticket.

    See you there!
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