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  1. Emerald

    Emerald The new guy

    Hi guys.

    My name's Sam. I was never much of a notable player, but I always enjoyed my time here before and after the server wiped. I just started to re-install the game and was going to log in, when I realized I never used the forums much. I thought I might make a post. Well, I'm sure I've wasted enough of your time. Maybe I'll see you in-game. You can add me

    @ Emerald or Cobalt

    Since finals are wrapping up, I'll be in game from time to time.
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  2. asasasas

    asasasas Well-Known

    Welcome! :)
  3. Force

    Force Community Member Donator

    Welcome back, Sam!
  4. NDwithRuii

    NDwithRuii Old Faithful

    Welcome back Sam :3
  5. Fiux

    Fiux Well-Known

    yo wat up sam
  6. ssJko

    ssJko Getting involved

    I'm also here from pre-wipe!
    Dunno if we ever met but hi! :D
  7. brunofe

    brunofe Well-Known

    Damn even Rufus in here !! All old players please come back playing !!
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  8. QueenZel

    QueenZel The new guy

    Welcome back
  9. Jay

    Jay Forum Moderator Forum mod Staff

    A bit late, but welcome back Sam!