Scheduled Update 5/9/2018 (delayed)

Discussion in 'News & Updates' started by Indie, May 6, 2018.

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  1. Indie

    Indie Pasta Manufacturer Admin Developer Staff


    There will be a Server update on May 9th, 2018, at 23:00 servertime.

    Estimated downtime is around 2 hours.

    Update highlights:
    • Removal of the Anniversary Event.
    • Visual update of the monthly top Guild medal.
    • Small balance changes (Marksman, Paladin).
    • Introduction of Krexel boss.
    • Rewriting of the Horntail bossfight and restructuring of the Maple Squad system.
      • This is to fix issues with Horntail (WoD glitch, rewarp issues) and with stuck Squad instances (eg. glitched Zakum registration).
    • Various extra bugfixes.

    New WZ files, and a new Client version, will be made available for download.

    Note: extra features, not included in this list, may be introduced during the Patch.

    Please plan accordingly!
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  2. Indie

    Indie Pasta Manufacturer Admin Developer Staff


    The update may be delayed, due to technical issues on my end. I'm typing this from my phone because I'm currently without a computer. Sigh.

    I will post tomorrow to either confirm or take it back, depending on whether I'll have already managed to solve the problem.

    We apologize for the inconvenience.

    PS. Even if this patch were to be delayed, June's WZ patch won't be pushed back too - we will simply have one less maintenance week during this month.
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  3. Indie

    Indie Pasta Manufacturer Admin Developer Staff

    Unfortunately, it looks like it's that kind of problems that are gonna accompany you for days before being solvable, so I'll have to confirm the patch delay.

    We will likely be scheduling it again next week, hopefully also adding something extra that was supposed to be published later on, to make up for the lost time.

    Once again, we're sorry for the troubles.

    Tomorrow's restart will be a regular maintenance one, without new files or features added.

    PS. as anticipated, June's WZ patch - that will likely be on the 6th - will not be pushed back one week due to this.
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  4. Indie

    Indie Pasta Manufacturer Admin Developer Staff

    Time for news!

    I've been struggling a bit to convince my laptop to assist me, but I'm now in a better situation, so I can get things going again.
    The patch will be scheduled for later this week; as usual, notices about it will be published well ahead of time (both on the forum and on discord).

    I'd like to thank you all for the patience; I know it's frustrating when a schedule is not respected, and when there's not precise news about when things will get back on track ("likely next week", "things should work soon enough"), but I've been doing everything that was doable to make sure to provide only certain feedback on it, instead of promising dates and times I may not have been able to then follow through with.

    A new thread will be posted, for the patch reschedule, once a date has been set. c:
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  5. Indie

    Indie Pasta Manufacturer Admin Developer Staff

    Final update on this thread: I'm set on pushing the patch out on Wednesday.

    If all goes well I believe we already suffered enough, haven't we? I will post the new update thread tomorrow.
    I ended up taking one extra full day, due to testing requirements.

    The Maple Squads system is being completely rewritten, thus it needs to be properly tested under every scenario.
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