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    We are currently recruiting:
    • ~5 Tester(s)
    (Please read before submitting an application)
    Frequently Asked Questions (open)

    Q: What are Testers required to do?
    A: Testers are given exclusive access to our test server, which will be used to test all upcoming content that's still under development. Testers will search for bugs/exploits/loopholes prior to (and possibly following) release of new content and provide detailed descriptions of how to reproduce these bugs/exploits/loopholes.

    Q: How do I become a Tester?
    A: Fill out an application by following the correct format, and submit it on the forums in the correct section. Applications are reviewed within 7 days of being submitted.

    Q: Is this a paid position?
    A: No, all Testers and Staff are volunteers.

    Q: English isn't my first language, can I still apply?
    A: Yes, we don't care where you're from or what languages you speak. Though being extremely fluent with English is a must, everyone is welcome to apply and each application is looked at equally.

    Q: I was once banned, can I still apply?
    A: Yes, all serious applications are accepted and reviewed. We do take into account all previous infractions, but we will always consider everyone that takes the time to submit a valid application.

    Q: I'm friends with (INSERT STAFF MEMBER HERE). Why was I not hired??
    A: This is not personal. We hire Testers based off their application. Being friends with one of us does not give you an advantage over the other applicants.

    Q: I was denied before, can I apply again?
    A: You must wait at least 30 days after your previous application was submitted to apply again. Any application sent in before the 30 day grace period will be deleted.

    Application Format
    (Please keep in mind that we expect you to be a respectful, active member of the community, with no outstanding complaints and/or offences)
    Format (open)
    In Game Name:
    First name (or what you want us to address you by):
    First language:
    Other languages spoken:
    Estimate of times available:

    Please answer the following, and elaborate on your answers:
    How much experience do you have with MapleDestiny or DestinyMS?

    Do you have any professional work experience in real life? If yes, how long was your longest employment, and what kind of employment was it?

    Have you ever helped test unreleased content on another MapleStory server, or another online-gaming community?

    As a player, what is something you'd love to see happen on our server (or forum, community, etc) in the next year? Why?

    Please provide a minimum of three bugs currently on the live server with detailed explanations on how to reproduce the issue:

    How to reproduce:

    How to reproduce:

    How to reproduce:

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