Update 12/20/17

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    There will be a game and WZ update at 6:00@servertime on December 20th 2017, please plan accordingly!

    Update highlights:
    • Winter event extensions/rebalancing
    • Winter PQ implementation
    • Bug fixes

    Estimated downtime is 3 hours*.
    *downtime is subjected to change at short notice
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  2. Cipher

    Cipher Community Dingus Admin Developer Staff

    Game Update:
    • Winter Event Updates:
      • The snowman encounter in Extra Frosty Zone has been reopened!
      • The snowman's HP has been drastically decreased.
      • All players are now able to properly deal damage to it.
      • The EXP event activates once the snowman has been defeated.
      • Happy now has a snow counter (Shows how many snows have been collected out of 5000).
      • Happy will now tell you how much longer the snowman will be on cooldown.
      • Happy now accepts Nevermelting Snows whilst the snowman is on cooldown.
      • The snow blower in the background will now increment with the snow collected by the world and fill up.
      • The Winter Present Hunt PQ (WPQ) has been added!
        • Head over to Happyville and enter the portal at the top of the map (The chimney) to begin!
        • Find presents with 2-6 players before the time limit concludes for Nevermelting snows and a chance at several new NX items.
        • Dorothea will provide more details about the PQ.
      • Nevermelting snow has been added to all available JQ's and PQ's.
      • Nevermelting snow yield from all PQ's and JQ's has been rebalanced.
    • Fixed NLC gachapon not disposing correctly.
    • Fixed FM portal warping locations.
    • Starwing Pet equips have been added to all characters of the highest level on accounts that originally received a beta package. (Merry Christmas!)
    • Removed Lava Bottle drop from Headless Horseman.
    • Removed Advanced Combo 10 and Smokescreen 10 skillbooks drops from Gatekeeper.
    • Removed Rush 10 from Papulatus.
    • Fixed GPQ respawn bug.

    Client Update:
    • Updated MapleDestiny client to fix a lingering text issue with quest rewards.

    WZ Update:
    • Map.wz
      • Showa assets have been updated to the non-censored version.
      • The new WPQ event map was created.
    • Item.wz
      • New quest items have been added.
    • Quest.wz
      • Quest info fixes.
    • Npc.wz
      • Updated Present image for new WPQ.
    • String.wz
      • Added new map and item strings.

    Update your files with our launcher:

    DestinyLauncher from Google Drive
    DestinyLauncher from Mega

    Or the manual patch below:

    12/20/17 Manual patch from Google Drive
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