Scheduled update 12/16/2017

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  1. Exodus

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    There will be a game and wz update at 22:00 servertime on December 16th 2017, please plan accordingly!

    Update highlights:
    • Winter event release
    • Updated Astaroth mob
    • Updated Showa (removed GMS specific censorship of maps and mobs)
    • Various WZ fixes for Ninja Castle and Ulu City

    Estimated downtime is 3 hours.
    *downtime is subjected to change at short notice
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  2. Exodus

    Exodus Snarky Remarks Administrator Admin Developer Staff

    Due to a scheduling conflict the update has been moved from December 14th to December 16th at 22:00 servertime, we apologise for the additional delay.
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  3. Indie

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    Friendly reminder that the Update will proceed as scheduled,
    No specific ETA can be given, as of yet. Although 3 hours of downtime were stated, that is only to be intended as indicative time. Please be aware that the downtime may be longer, depending on the circumstances.

    Patch notes will be posted below when available.
    New WZ files will be necessary. They will be provided as soon as possible, during the downtime.
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  4. Cipher

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    Game Update:
    • The Winter event is now activated.
      • Rupi has been added to the FM to give further details on the event, or warp to Happyville.
      • There is now a new custom questline, that will gradually be extended over the duration of the event.
      • Collecting Nevermelting Snows from PQ's and JQ's will allow you to redeem them for prizes in Happyville by spawning the Monster Snowman.
      • The Snowman fight begins once 5000 snows are collected by the world (500 gets you a present, and attacking the snowman grants you an additional present).
        • When the snowman is spawned, it will activate a global 1.25x EXP boost for the entire server for 30 minutes (totaling the exp rate to 20x).
        • After being summoned, there is a 3 hour cooldown between summons.
      • The Astaroth grand prize has been changed to Santa's Chair.
      • Astaroth has been changed to Christmas King Slime.
      • A new Level Up event has been added - Any character under 120 (One per account) may talk to Rupi and join the Level Up event.
        • You may not switch event characters.
        • The levelup bonus is an extra 50% per level up to 120.
      • All PQ's have received a boost in EXP (Up to double the previous amount). These values will drop slightly after the winter event concludes, but all exp values will still receive a permanent buff from their original amounts.

    WZ Update:

    • New NPC's have been created for the new Winter-themed questline.
    • New quests have been added.
    • Christmas King Slime was imported.
    • Santa's Chair was fixed.
    • New ETC items were created for the Winter Event.

    Upcoming Content:
    • As the week goes on, we will continue to add components to the Winter event as we see fit. This can include, but is not limited to:
      • A winter-themed PQ.
      • Extensions to the Winter questline.
      • Daily quests, with choices (So you don't get stuck farming all day :') ).
    • HPQ will be released this week, once prizes are finally decided upon.
    • Updated Showa (removed GMS specific censorship of maps and mobs).
    • Various WZ fixes for Ninja Castle and Ulu City.
    • Several bugfixes.

    We'd like to apologize for the extended downtime! Several factors led to severe delays in the development process, which prevented us from updating the server as speedily as we usually do. We will take precautions to prevent this going forward.
    We will most likely hold another update this Wednesday, December 20th, in order to tackle the upcoming content. More details will be posted as the week goes on.
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