Current downtime.

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    The destiny game server has been offline since approximately 22:00 servertime due to a DDOS attack.

    Initialy we expected to handle the increased load after last weeks attack but due to the nature and scalability of ddos attacks we were eventualy overwhelmed once again.

    This means that we have to spend more time securing ourselves against such attacks and this requires direct communication with our host, something we have been unable to get around to do today due to it being a weekend, but in the coming days we will implemend more security features to help secure the game data's integrity should such an attack of a larger scale occur again.

    All character data from todays crash has been saved, downloaded and uploaded to external cloud backup sites for safe keeping, once the server goes live we urge you to report any missing items to us and we will refund them to you if they are in our backup.

    I would like to apologize on behalf of the Destiny Staff for the extended and unnecessary downtime.

    The server will go back online at 12:00 servertime (check the website for to see the current server time) though this may change with short notice.

    Thank you for being patient with us.

    - Maple Destiny Staff