Scheduled update 11/30/2017

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  1. Indie

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    There will be a Server update at 22:00 servertime, on November 30th, 2017.

    New WZ files will be required: their download links will be made available during the server downtime.
    No estimated downtime length is available yet. This may be edited at a later time.

    Please plan accordingly!


    Direct link to the Patch files: Google Drive
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  2. Exodus

    Exodus Snarky Remarks Administrator Admin Developer Staff

    WZ file update 1.12.2017
    • Removed level restrictions in every Mushroom Kingdom map and Kerning square map (for the future)
    • Added Coke Town, you may visit it by going to the Free Market.
    • Remodeled the Free Market for the winter season
    • Additional small map fixes (too tired to list)

    • String data for Coke Town has been added
    • Large scale restructuring of quest.wz revolving around a new system to make quests work easier.
    • Removed upper level limit of all kerning square and mushroom kingdom quests
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  3. Cipher

    Cipher Community Dingus Admin Developer Staff

    Game Update:
    • Coded all quests, portals, and reactors in Mushroom Kingdom
    • Mushroom Kingdom is now open, along with it's mini-PQ.
    • Removed the LevelUP event.
    • Fixed erroneous behavior with friendship/crush ring dropping that caused wedding statuses to be deleted.
    • Altered entire Quest handling system. Nearly all quests that were formerly broken should now be functional. If you experience any malfunctioning quests, please report them on the forum.
    • Coded entire HenesysPQ:
      • All NPC's, reactors, portals, and stages (Including bonus) have been coded.
      • This PQ is disabled until the rewards are put in, next week.
    • Created tentative new multiclient-limitation system.
      • This has been coded and is awaiting live implementation. (Not yet in effect)
      • Once implemented, this will limit players to 2 online accounts at any given time.
      • We'd like to hear feedback from players on this before full, live implementation.
    • All drops for Ninja Castle have been added.
    • All drops for Ulu City have been added.