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    Disclaimer: please note that this message is to raise awareness on the potential issues that sharing account data on multiple services can cause.
    MapleDestiny accounts have in no way been affected by any data leak.

    Different MapleStory private servers adopt different security measures, when storing players' information (including Account ID, Password, Email, and so on).
    Some of these measures are stronger and more reliable, some others are more prone to get attacked, and in some cases breached.

    When a security breach happens, all the information you used on that particular server is potentially exposed.

    If you played on that server, and are also playing here on MapleDestiny, using the same ID and/or password, it is in your best interest to change your account Password on our website, as soon as you can.
    In order to do so, please follow these steps:

    • [​IMG]
      Access your Account settings page, by clicking on your username and then on "Settings".

    • Fill the form with the required data, and click on "Save settings".

    While MapleDestiny will never disclose your personal information in any way, it's always a good measure not to use the same information on multiple services, especially not to share it among multiple private servers.

    Utilizing unique data for each private server and/or online service gives malicious users one less way to get access to your information.

    Thank you for the cooperation!
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Thread Status:
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