Scheduled update 11/2/2017

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    There will be a Server update at 06:30 servertime, on November 2nd, 2017.

    A new game client and new WZ files will be required and available for download.
    The estimate downtime is 1 hour.

    Please plan accordingly!
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    Update 11/2/2017

    Client Update:
    • Changed Wizard (Fire/Poison)'s Fire Arrow skill to hit 3 mobs in a straight line.
      • It now behaves as a piercing skill, rather than a targeted projectile.
    • Added support for post-v83 Pet Equipment.
    • Maker Skill will now allow you to re-issue the same crafting order you just completed, if you have enough required materials left.

    Game Update:
    • Fixed an issue with post-v83 Pets crashing the client, if equipped over a Pet slot with an invalid Pet Equipment.
    • Unequipping a Pet will now automatically unequip its respective Pet Equipment. If no equip slots are available, the player will be prompted to free one.
    • Astaroth Boss has been changed to MV, for this Halloween event period.
      • MV's Grand Prize will be updated in the following days.
    • Halloween Raid's Boss no longer gets oneshotted by the likes of Heaven's Hammer.
    • Fixed an issue that allowed players to reenter the CWKPQ Bonus stage after the timer was over.
    • The piece of paper in the Haunted House hallway map no longer cosplays as a "burnt pillar". It now gives an actual hint.
    • The Mysterious Book in the Haunted House will no longer give you a book if you already possess one. This prevents issues with subsequent quests.

    WZ Update:
      • Reduced the new Pumpkin pets upgrade slots to 7 (down from 10).
      • Reduced Starwing's Star Trail upgrade slots to 7 (down to 10).
    • NPC
      • Dorothea (Halloween JQ npc) will now correctly display her name tag.
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