Scheduled update 10/23/2017

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    There will be a game and WZ update at 19:00 (@servertime) tomorrow Monday the 23rd of October, please plan accordingly!
    Estimated downtime is 1 hour.

    For real this time.
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    Game Update:
    • Activated the Halloween Event:
      • Added a customized Halloween questline for level 120+: you can find it in your Quest menu.
      • Added various Halloween Quest NPCs around the Haunted Mansion.
      • Added a Boss raid event, available after the Questline has been cleared.
      • Added a Jump Quest event, available every two hours.
      • Added a (revamped) Daily Quest, repeatable up to three times a day.

    • Castellan Toad will now be reachable (coming soon, live today now available).

    WZ Update:
    • ETC.WZ
      • Added scripts for the Event NPCs.

    • ITEM.WZ
      • Created new items for the Questline.
      • Created a new currency for the Event.

    • NPC.WZ
      • Created and coded custom NPCs for the new Event (Jump Quest and Questline).

    • QUEST.WZ
      • Coded a new fully custom Questline for the event.

      • Added strings concerning every NPC, Quest and Script involved.
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