Scheduled update 10/20/2017

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    There will be a scheduled update starting at 23:00 servertime, please plan accordingly.

    We apologize for the late announcement.

    Update highlight:
    • Halloween event release
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  2. Exodus

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    Statement regarding tonights update:

    Tonights update was slated to be the big one of the month including a fully custom questline, a boss raid, a custom JQ, a gambling system, daily quests and lots of rewards for everyone to dig their teeth into.
    Unfortunately we (the developers) underestimated the scope of such a task within a very restricted timeframe, which is also why we decided to pospone it from Wednesday to Friday in hopes of getting everything ready for you to enjoy.
    It is with deep regret that I make this post as we started out the day on track with everything running smoothly, unfortunately though this isn't always how things end up. Because of our own misjudgement and rushing of critical parts of the update we ran into issues that we would rather have been without, forcing us to work over time in a desperate attempt at recovering everything in time, unfortunately we failed.

    Both I and everyone else on the development team would like to apologize for the extended downtime without any update or new content as previously promised. Rest assured we will do our very best to deliver this event to you when it's ready, and it's not as far away as you may think.

    There will be an EXP and DROP event running the entire weekend as well as a compensation in the form of event currency for everyone once the event goes live.

    Thank you for your time.
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