Scheduled update 10/19/2017

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  1. Exodus

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    There will be a scheduled game update at 00:00 @servertime on October 19th 2017, please plan accordingly.

    The downtime is estimated to last 2.5 hours.

    Update highlights:
    • Halloween event release - Moved to friday due to poor Indie being overworked.
    • QOL fixes
    • Ninja castle Castellian Toad release
    • Various other fixes
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  2. Exodus

    Exodus Snarky Remarks Administrator Admin Developer Staff

    WZ update 10/19/2017


    • Fixed Ninja castle JQ crash.
    • Added event maps for the (now delayed) halloween event.

    • Added a new boss for the halloween event.

    • Added Hard Mode Zakum and Halloween medals.


    • Various text additions related to the new event and other new additions.
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  3. Cipher

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    Game Update:
    • Coded a new maintenance mode option. In the near future, this will sometimes replace the server getting shutdown, and updates (WZ, Fixes, etc) will occur without the server going down.
    • Players may now use @idle on GM Legits.
    • Fixed erroneous beholder healing (Dead players could come back to life) .
    • Fixed an issue where reloading events wouldn't dispose of timers correctly, resulting in a server slowdown (After several uses).
    • Fixed CWKPQ rewarp issue.
    • Prevented multiple gains of beginner packet.
    • Increased shop buying limit to 10,000.
    • Increased Alcaster buying limit to 1,000.
    • Increased ore refiners refining limit to 1,000.
    • Fixed Hard Mode Zhelm achievement.
    • Players will now gain the Hard Mode Zakum Medal (Zakum Vanquisher) upon defeating Hard Mode Zakum.
    • Fixed a possible dupe caused by extremely small edge-case.
    • Fixed Blue Mushmom card drop.
    • Added player names to the beginning of pet chat.
    • Added new player command @PlayerInfo <ign>. Using this command will bring up a player's character card.
    • Added new player command @OwnDamage. Using this command will make other players' damage invisible.
    • Patched item smuggling in all PQ's. Smuggled items will now be removed upon entry.

    If you experience any issues regarding any fixes listed here, please report them via @gm or start a conversation with a staff member.
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  4. Zelda

    Zelda Server mom Server Mom Retired Staff

    Royal Hairs

    • A new royal hair rotation has been updated

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