Scheduled update 10/4/2017

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    There will be a server and wz file update at 22:00@servertime on October 4th 2017, please plan accordingly!

    Update highlight:
    • Release of Ulu City and Krexel
    • Release of Ninja Castle with assorted bosses
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    WZ Update 4/10/2017

    Reminder: The launchers patch automaticaly excludes ui.wz but an updated version found HERE is required in order to face the new bosses added into the game.

    • Mermaid in a bulb has been made untradeable.
    • Added Ulu City
    • Added Ninja Castle
    • Added entry npc for ninja castle in Mushroom shrine
    • Added entry portal to ulu city in Suburban area 2
    • Corrected spawn amounts in most leafre maps that had buggy spawn (please report any more issues related to mob enhanced maps)
    • It is no longer possible to CC in the new BPQ maps in Easy, Medium and Hard mode (Hell BPQ was unaffected from the beginning)
    • Added Halloween event maps (to be released later this week.
    • Made FM spooky (sorta)
    • Added all bosses and mobs related to Ninja Castle
    • Added all bosses and mobs related to Ulu city
    • Reworked sound.wz as a result of a repacker error, will be expanded on at a later date.
    • Added hp gauge images to the new bosses (this file is required if you wish to encounter these bosses).
    • Fixed some broken npc's relating to Ulu City and Ninja Castle.

    Server Update:
    • Several backend fixes have been made
    • Added achievements for Castellan Toad and Kacchuu Musha
    • Added teleport npc from Mushroom Shrine to Ninja Castle

    Whats NOT available right away after the patch:
    • Krexel
    • All mob drops (will drop mesos but nothing else)
    • All mob drops and krexel will be fixed later this week.
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