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Discussion in 'Game Help' started by sdmf, Sep 10, 2017.

  1. sdmf

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    I was wondering where can i get GM scrolls, (BOW ATT)

  2. Lotfi1996

    Lotfi1996 Well-Known

    GM Scrolls are from Guild PQ ;)
    GM Bow atk value is like 250m each scroll~
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  3. sdmf

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    thank you for the info!
  4. kanause

    kanause Well-Known

    just a question, why do people actually scroll with gm scrolls? it is just 60% value, why not just scroll with white scroll instead of paying 250m for a 60%?
  5. Lotfi1996

    Lotfi1996 Well-Known

    Some GM scrolls are high value, some arent.
    GM scroll is 100% success rate, if u would 60% ws a item and it fails rip 450m :P
    GM scroll +9 is a nice investment for a ok weapon.
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  6. corsetti

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    every gm scroll (except knuckler/gun) also gives 1 extra stat. GM Scroll for Wand gives 2 int instead of 1