Update 9/3/17

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    Update 9/3/2017

    Summer PQ Update:

    • General PQ
      • The minimum required Party size to join the Summer PQ is now 3 people, down from 6.

    • Stage 1 (Number combination)
      • Stage 1 now lasts for three rounds, up from one. A different number to form is given on each round.
      • Depending on the amount of players registered to the PQ, Stage 1 calibrates the number range accordingly, to prevent impossible numbers.
      • Fixed a rare RNG case that caused the number 30 to be requested.

    • Stage 2 (Quiz stage)
      • Stage 2 now lasts for two rounds, up from one. A different question is asked on each round.
      • Quiz grammar has been improved ("last 1 day" is now "last day", some grammar mistakes fixed).
      • Different types of questions added (the formula is no longer always the same).
      • The map will now be warned whenever the leader changes the point awarding behavior via NPC.
      • The number of max required points now changes depending on the party size. Overall, the required points have increased.
      • Fixed an RNG case that caused 0 to be the answer of the riddle.

    • Stage 4(Boss stage)
      • In order to rebalance the weight of the different stages, the final Boss HP has been significantly lowered. The function and its variables are unchanged.
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    Summer PQ Live fix:

    • Stage 1 (Number combination)
      • Hawkeye no longer asks to form a number that would only be possible with a bigger amount of party members.
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