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Which voting system is most reasonable for MapleDestiny?

  1. Option 1 sounds solid.

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  2. Option 2 is preferable.

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  3. I have my own idea that I've explained in the comments.

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  4. Keep things as they are.

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  1. gasp

    gasp Getting involved

    Honestly I really liked the idea. I though about linking those tokens to "quests" like party quests (hpq, kpq, lpq, opq, lmpq), boss party quests and jump quests.
    Each time you completed lets say 1 "quest" you got 1 coin, which you could combine with 1 tokens to buy 1 APR or 3 Gachas.
    Each 24h you could get 6k NX + 2 Tokens (either 2 APR or 6 Gachas)
    There would be no limit for the amout of coins you could get in 24h but there would be for tokens.
    This way people who just joined can still get APR/Gacha from low levels party quests while lvling up, and oldies could still get them from BPQ and while doing PQ with newbies.
  2. corsetti

    corsetti Community Member Donator

    As someone who started this server vote abusing, I'll say its an easy system to abuse. At the same time, theres people who don't abuse and enjoy the rewards that come from it, mainly APR and Gacha.

    Remove Gacha/APR from the CS and you won't have people voting. BUT, if you used @Polar's idea about the tokens as well as NX and used those tokens towards APR/Gacha, it could possibly work where abuse will be impossible. That all depends on how the tokens will be tracked and/or how they're obtained.

    The game tracks your account on when you voted and how long until you can vote again, so maybe use that system to allow the player to do some sort of event to obtain the token from voting (for example those really shitty ETC hunt quests that always appear during events (top kek)) or something along the line. The system used to obtain the tokens should only be done on 1 character, but there should also be some sort of system that tracks if you've done the quest/event on the same computer, so even if you've vote abused you cant use the same computer for multiple tokens.

    Of course theres way around that too, but at that point people are just greedy.
  3. Simona

    Simona Oldie Donator

    Heres another shitty idea..unlock apr and gach at lv 70
  4. Polar

    Polar Literally Jesus Event Winner Donator

    To clarify:
    My suggestion you GOT the tokens when you voted, and was able to REDEEM them as gacha\apr upon activity (After a set level, of maybe 100?).
    What counts activity would have to be a variance of things that are both easy-day-to-day activity as well as things that non-bossing-non-farming people would be able to do. (Which is the hard part)
  5. corsetti

    corsetti Community Member Donator

    So you had to, lets say, do a quick 1 room JQ to be allowed to redeem those tokens?
  6. Polar

    Polar Literally Jesus Event Winner Donator

    As stated in my post, JQs would be an option (but one of the easiest ones to abuse. I was hoping someone could pitch a tweak on these ideas to make them more viable)
    For your ease ill quote myself.
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  7. killakumbi

    killakumbi Well-Known

    So the problem we're trying to solve is vote abuse right? The blunt harsh truth is there should've been less mercy on the people that did it in the past to begin with. No offense to the ones that have had a second chance to comeback and are now playing legit, that's cool and all, but the when you let abusers off the hook others are prone to give it a shot cuz why not I can get a second chance if I'm caught.

    But that's not really important since we can't change the past. That being said I think takeing gach and apr out of the cash shop at this point in the server when the pro players have already finished their washing would be unfair and once again make it even harder on the new guys to flourish.

    Same goes with the voting for nx please for the love of God don't stop giving nx for votes. We can barley get people to do a captcha (myself included) and we're talking about taking away the only incentive to vote and reach new players? That's insane imo

    All this server needs is NEW PLAYERS. New players are the consumers. The ones that buy all the shit we multi client farm to Oblivion. I promise you if the dev team focused purley on finding ways to increase the player base everything else will balance itself out.