Scheduled Update 7/13/17

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  1. Cipher

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    There will be a server update at 23:30@servertime on Thursday, July 13th.
    The game server will be unavailable for an estimate of 1 hour (Due to the CSS compensation. A 5 minute warning will be given before the server goes up, as usual).
    Please plan accordingly!
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  2. Indie

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    Update 7/13/2017

    Game Update:

    • The command @currency now also lists your current amount of Summer Points, the SummerPQ currency.
    • The command @checktimer now also displays the daily entries left for SummerPQ, plus the extra-entrance tickets spent during the day.

    Summer PQ Update:

    • Lobby
      • Hawkeye now includes a full list of purchaseable PQ rewards.
      • The PQ will no longer accept a party if some of the members are in the correct map but on a different channel (thus only warping the ones in the leader's channel).
      • Various fixes in the NPC text: added the icon of the item "Party Invitation", fixed the amount of available extra entrances ("3" was written, while only 2 per day can be purchased), added the position of the daily quest NPC.

    • General PQ
      • Players can now be rewarped in the correct Event instance upon disconnection. Please keep in mind that the PQ will still be considered failed (and terminated) if the whole team disconnects.
      • Fixed an issue where map messages in the case of PQ failure would not show up unless players were still in the first stage.

    • Stage 2 (Points farming)
      • Hawkeye no longer can ask you to calculate the remaining items for a number of day that is equal to the total number of days. "Days left" can only reach up to "Total days - 1".
      • Fixed a spelling issue - when selecting the "points subtraction" mode, the subtracted points are half the normally added points per mob (note: functionality is unchanged).

    • Stage 4 (Boss stage)
      • Boss health calculations have been reworked. The final fight should now be better calibrated, depending on each party composition and on the availability of Sharp Eyes.
      • The PQ is now considered completed as soon as the boss dies, rather than when the Party Leader speaks with Hawkeye.
      • The time before automatic party warp-out after victory has been reduced from 20 seconds to 10 seconds.

    Launcher Update (3.0):

    • Game patching logic changed, from patch-to-patch to file-to-file.
    • File verification system revamped (implemented support for Character.wz, Map.wz, Npc.wz, Sound.wz).
    • Dropped .NET4.5 requirement.
    • UI revamped:
      • Graphics improved.
      • Font changed.
      • Added the big Monitor with information about MapleDestiny's activity (servertime, events).
    • Functionality:
      • The connection check now has an HTTP request as a fallback to the Ping request.
      • Implemented the Quest Exchange button.
      • Added a number of editable settings.
      • Added a balloon to notify user when the Launcher is reduced to Tray.
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  3. Cipher

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    Update 7/13/2017

    Game Update:

    • The LevelUP event has been activated; One character per account will gain an extra 20% exp per levelup until level 120. You can activate this feature by creating a new character and answering 'yes' immediately upon logging into that character.
    • The CSS compensation has been processed and completed. The following values were used for each CSS:
      • 1%: 100nx
      • 3%: 200nx
      • 5%: 500nx
      • 20%: 1000nx
    • Removed party warpout in KPQ that would occur when too few players remained online.
    • Added Rewarps to APQ.
    • Added Rewarps to OPQ.
    • Added Rewarps to LPQ.
    • Added Rewarps to LMPQ.
    • Added Rewarps to CWKPQ.
    • Disabled forced warpout in CWKPQ when too many players or the leader would disconnect.
    • Balanced SPQ Boss HP formula.
    • Buffed closeness gained from pet JQ's (Henesys and Ludibrium).
    • Coded new pet hunger investment system. All pets start off at 5 hunger level and can be decreased by doing JQ's at certain pet levels.
      • Additional information:
        • You can only improve your pet's hunger level at certain (closeness) levels:
          • 5
          • 10
          • 15
          • 25
        • If your pet is higher than any of those levels, you can still improve it's hunger level.
        • To improve your pet's hunger level, travel to LudibriumJQ and complete the JQ for the first two improvements.
        • For the second two improvements, travel to HenesysJQ and complete the JQ.
        • You must complete the pet JQ once for every hunger level improvement.
        • The lowest hunger level you can reach is 1, which will decrement your pet's fullness by 1 every 60 seconds (As opposed to 5 every 60 seconds before leveling).
    Client Update:
    • The Launcher will now give you the option to launch the client in windowed mode or fullscreen mode. (See the "Settings" cogwheel in the top right of the Launcher)
    • The erroneous n's that would appear in all quest NPC's have been removed.
    Forum Update:
    • The Guides section is now visible by guests.
    • The Profile Posts section has been pruned and repurposed for Developer Updates, which will serve as an immediate and convenient way to communicate what we, the Destiny Staff team are doing behind the scenes. c:
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