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    All you need for a good summer vacation is good friends, hot sand, cold drinks and.. scrolls?
    MapleDestiny is throwing a Beach Party and you're all invited!

    Head on over to the FM and take a trip to a sandy beach getaway! Group up with your friends and talk to Hawkeye to solve the quest and earn points to trade for prizes!
    You can enter twice a day, or talk to Irena in the FM to complete extra quests and earn extra entrance tickets.
    Party quest is open to all jobs between level 70 and 200.

    You asked for it!
    No random prizes!
    No filler prizes!
    If you have any suggestions on extra prizes we should add through out this event, please don't hesitate to post in our suggestions section!

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    Beach Party Prize List:
    All 15% weapon scrolls scrolls
    Porcupine pet
    Porcupine pet equip
    White Clam Shell chair
    Palm Tree bench chair
    AP reset
    Onyx apple

    If more things are added by community request, this list will be updated.

    This is a Party Quest. Multi client rules apply.
    Absolutely no multi clienting in this PQ.
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    This event will end October 4th, 2017.