Update 07/08/2017

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    Update 07/08/2017

    Game Update:

    • Activated the Summer Event.
    • The NPCs in the Guild HQ default map, "MV Lair", will no longer appear mispositioned (on the stairs or outside of the map boundaries).
    • Added "Magatia Studio" among the list of available maps for the Guild HQ.
    • Removed the old Valentines event gift purchase option from Juliet.
      • Romeo's Valentines gift-sending option will remain for one week, just in case.
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    Game Update 7.7.17
    • Added a new daily quest NPC
    • The Cash Shop has been updated with new summer themed items.

    WZ Update 7.7.17
    • Corrected the NPC spawns inside of the MV's lair.
    • Changed the FM's theme to summer.
    • Added 5 new maps as a part of the new summer event.
    • Tweaked some NPC and item texts.
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