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Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by Slazzy, Jun 12, 2017.

  1. Slazzy

    Slazzy Rana Forum mod Staff

    Because auto-loot is never coming back, and the current looting system is poor.
    I would like an "Destroy Item Pendant"(for pets) to be added to the game.

    This takes the concept and groundwork of auto-loot and implements it into the game in a balanced way.
    How it would work:
    Equip a pet with the "Destroy Item Pendant"
    Add items to your "Excluded Items" list.
    When a mob is killed and drops an item that is on your "Excluded Items" list, instead of dropping the item to the ground, the item is deleted.

    This would be a huge improvement over the current "Item Ignore Pendant" while not being abuseable like auto-loot was.

    Less cluttered maps makes a huge improvement to application performance and readability of rare items.

    It also improves the current pet AI(before they would run to an item even if it was on your ignore list),
    and looting speed(running over too many items at once leaves some behind and takes 2~3 passes to collect
    everything, this is incredibly problematic when running over items that are on your "Excluded Items" list as
    they still get checked by pets every time they are run over, yet remain on the floor until cleared).

    Also when a rare item falls on a platform that your pet cannot reach, you can now pick it up without also
    picking up the surrounding items(which often are on your "Excluded Items" list anyway).

    While implementing this does not require fixes/improvements to the Excluded Items list it is a good opportunity
    to look into it:
    I would also like to add my suggestion of increasing the number of items allowed on the Excluded Items list.
    At every map I've been to the number of items I would like to add greatly exceeds 10, increasing this number
    greatly(50+) would be appreciated.
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  2. corsetti

    corsetti Community Member Donator

    All of these please

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  3. Slazzy

    Slazzy Rana Forum mod Staff

    Oh my god!
    "Smart Pet Pouch" Why are we not funding this???
    I might actually be able to farm at a different map from Gobies.
  4. Indie

    Indie Pasta Manufacturer Admin Developer Staff

    Bump city ~

    Not confirming this suggestion's approval, yet, but rather I'd like to see if people would still be interested in this.

    As for the "Smart Pet Pouch", I'm not sure how it works, but it might involve clientside mechanics that we cannot replicate.

    Also, we will be fixing the Item Ignore pendant list. Can't say anything about the suggestion to increase its amount of ignored items though (haven't looked into it, but it depends on how the list is coded by Nexon).
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  5. panatown

    panatown Here to stay Event Winner

    the need for such an item has been greatly reduced ever since items stack up to 9,999 per slot - pets can simply pick up every single item, and i've not faced any readibility or performance issues - although some others might.

    "destroy item pendant" with an allowed list of 50+ items seems almost functionally identical to allowing chaos and css ui popups - valuable items will be more obvious since all the junk is simply destroyed.

    I'm not against the implementation of such a proposal, but valuable item popup suggestions seem to be rather consistently denied, with wz editing for those purposes a perma-ban offence. - presumably for good reasons, which should similarly inform the evaluation of whether this current proposal should be adopted.
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  6. Slazzy

    Slazzy Rana Forum mod Staff

    I agree with all of your points. I made this suggestion before I knew of all the crazy multi-clienting and wz editing stuff going on.
    I would only recommend this suggestion along with rare item pop ups and such if multi-clienting is removed.
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