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    [​IMG] Tulips for Julietta [​IMG]

    We're gearing up for our big summer event, but in the meantime Julietta the mushroom has come to visit. She's offering small rewards in exchange for completing her daily chores. She can be found in Henesys!

    Twice a day, Julietta will offer you Single Stem Tulips in exchange for completing her chores. Redeem small rewards by exchanging 8 Tulips, or save them up for a larger reward!

    Murphy the traveling stylist has also made a return, bringing with him 3 different hair styles for each gender in exchange for Tulips!

    Prizes (open)
    Large prizes
    Spring Flower Corsage Chair
    Spring Flower Corsage (5/5/5/5 100HP 100MP Medal)

    Random prizes
    Aqua Marine
    Black Crystal
    Overall Armor for DEX 60%
    Overall Armor for DEF 60%
    Overall Armor for INT 60%
    Overall Armor for LUK 60%
    Overall Armor for STR 60%
    Knuckle for ATT 60%
    Gun for ATT 60%
    Claw for ATT 60%
    Crossbow for ATT 60%
    Bow for ATT 60%
    Pole Arm for ATT 60%
    Spear for ATT 60%
    Two-handed BW for ATT 60%
    Two-handed Axe for ATT 60%
    Two-handed sword for ATT 60%
    Staff for Magic ATT 60%
    Wand for Magic ATT 60%
    One-handed BW for ATT 60%
    One-handed Axe for ATT 60%
    One-handed Sword for ATT 60%
    Gachapon Ticket (2-3)
    AP Reset
    Royal Hair Coupon
    Royal Face Coupon

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    Event hairs:

    [​IMG] Spring Flower Hair
    [​IMG] Nostalgic Hair
    [​IMG] Sweet Braid Hair

    [​IMG] Twinkle Hair
    [​IMG] Argent Hair
    [​IMG] Beshroomed Hair
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