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  1. Zelda

    Zelda Server mom Admin Management

    Maple Destiny is happy to announce a change in our hiring format!

    We will be accepting staff applications openly, until further notice. There will no longer be a limited time for when we will be hiring, and instead we will be accepting and reviewing staff applications whenever they are submitted.

    We are currently recruiting:

    • Game Moderator(s) AKA GMs
    • Forum Moderator(s)

    (Please read before submitting an application)

    Q: How do I become a GM?
    A: Fill out an application by following the correct format, and submit it on the forums in the correct section. Applications are reviewed within 7 days of being submitted.

    Q: Is this a paid position?
    A: No, all staff members are volunteers.

    Q: English isn't my first language, can I still apply?
    A: Yes, we don't care where you're from or what languages you speak. Though being extremely fluent with English is a must, everyone is welcome to apply and each application is looked at equally.

    Q: I was once banned, can I still apply?
    A: Yes, all serious applications are accepted and reviewed. We do take into account all previous infractions, but we will always consider everyone that takes the time to submit a valid application.

    Q: I'm friends with (INSERT STAFF MEMBER HERE). Why was I not hired??
    A: This is not personal. We hire staff members based off their application and interview process. Being friends with one of us does not give you an advantage over the other applicants.

    Q: All of my friends agree that I would be the best GM ever! You guys suck for not hiring me! Corrupt GMs!
    A: We do our absolute best to review every single application. That being said, your reputation with not only the general community, but also with the staff team comes into play here. If you've stirred up drama, harassed players, or attempted to bully staff members in any way, chances are we'll be less enthusiastic about bringing you into a heavily team oriented and positive environment.

    Q: I was denied before, can I apply again?
    A: You must wait at least 30 days after your previous staff application was submitted, to apply again. Any application sent in before the 30 day grace period will be deleted.

    Q: If I am hired, can I still be a player?
    A: We prefer our staff to be active in-game players. Any legit characters will be classified as a "GM LEGIT" to avoid problems with power abuse. Any staff member found abusing staff power will have any associated items and accounts stripped and be blocked from the game and the community with no chance of returning. All socializing will have to be done on your GM LEGIT as we don't allow our GM staff to have buddy lists or sit in the free market and chat.
    Staff members are here to be (mostly) invisible moderators.

    Application Format

    We will now openly accept any serious application submitted. There are no time constraints.

    Note: Applications will not be deleted. They're moved from a moderation queue to an Admin forum.

    If you're interested in applying for the available position, then please follow this format and create a new thread in the "Staff Applications" section of the forums.
    Please keep in mind that we expect you to be a respectful, active member of the community, with no outstanding complaints and/or offences.


    Position: (GM/Forum Mod)
    In Game Name:
    First name (or what you want us to address you by):
    First language:
    Other languages spoken:
    Estimate of times available:

    Please answer the following, and elaborate on your answers:
    How much experience do you have with MapleDestiny or DestinyMS?

    Do you have any professional work experience in real life? If yes, how long was your longest employment, and what kind of employment was it?:

    Have you ever held a staff position on another MapleStory server, or another online-gaming community?:

    Are you more of a lone wolf, or a team player? (Do you excel more alone, or with a group)

    As a player, what is something you'd love to see happen on our server (or forum, community, etc) in the next year? Why?

    What is your greatest strength, and what is your biggest weakness?

    Why do you want to work with our staff team?
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  2. Cipher

    Cipher Community Dingus Retired Staff

    Update 11/14/17
    • We are now accepting applications for Forum Moderator(s).
    • The position entails the following:
      • Monitoring the forums for rule breaking posts.
      • Montioring the shoutbox for rule breaking posts/messages.
      • Closing/Deleting inappropriate posts and/or stopping/redirecting discussions that escalate to arguments.
      • Organizing sections of the forum and keeping them somewhat tidy (Bug reports, player reports, etc).
      • Reviewing both forum and in-game rules, and providing suggestions on how they can be altered/enhanced.
    • The privileges associated with becoming a forum mod are the following:
      • Forum Moderator powers on the forum to manage reports and ban offenders, as well as monitor the shoutbox.
      • An intern-level (GM Legit) character in-game to help with player reports on the forum.
      • After a trial period, you'd possibly help test or suggest new content for the server.
      • Access to the Staff chat on Discord.
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