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    It's been just over 1 year since our new world has opened, and we've got a big update ready for you all! Along with an event, a ton of fixes, patcher update, and more content planned to release later this month, 2017 is off to a great start!


    That fuzzy feeling has spread all over Maple Destiny and you all know what that means! CHOCOLATE!
    Hanako is in Amoria, and she's willing to craft Heart Chocolates for you if you just bring her what she needs:
    [​IMG] White Chocolates and [​IMG] Dark Chocolates can be found dropping all around the world!
    [​IMG] Heart Boxes now come from Gachapon! They won't consume your Ticket, but be given away as a bonus item similar to how Erasers are earned.
    [​IMG] Gold Ribbons will sometimes drop from Zakum, Horntail, and Pink Bean. It also has a chance to come from Mysterious Boxes dropped by Astaroth in Henesys, our player summoned Event!

    Collect 20 of each chocolate, one Heart Box, and one Gold Ribbon to craft a Heart Chocolate!
    Trade your Heart Chocolate in with Coco to receive a random prize!

    Want to share the love with someone special?
    Until February 15th 2017, in celebration of our first year with our new world, Juliet in Lith Harbor will send your special someone a Valentines Chocolate! Each chocolate costs 5 DP to craft, and they can be traded in with Romeo for one of two exclusive in-game items!
    These items will not be returning to our server and are exclusive to this event!


    After a long wait, and a labor of love (literally), weddings are finally here! Grab your partner and head over to Amoria to tie the knot!
    Weddings come with invitations, an in-game ceremony, re-introduction of AmoriaPQ, and premium weddings even give out prizes to attendees!
    Both Same sex and opposite sex marriages are supported, complete with proposals, spouse chat, and rings!
    Rings can be updated every 30 days to gain stats through our Commitment of Love Ceremony! (+3 max)

    Find NaNa's all around Maple Destiny and complete their quests to become engaged to your special someone!
    A full weddings guide will be posted within 24 hours.
    For more information, check out Ciphers update log.


    A long list of fixes and updates are ready for you all to see!
    Read all about weddings and tons of other fixes in Cipher's update thread: HERE
    Indie's patcher has been given a huge update and we are all excited to see it in action! More information about the patcher HERE!
    Our Free Market has received a makeover for the month of February! Check out Exodus' update thread for more details and what other WZ updates we're looking forward to: HERE

    We are also welcoming back to our staff team GM Vigor! After a break, Vigor has rejoined our team and will be helping out in-game, on the forums, and hosting events!

    Storage fix (from october) will be in one of our updates in the next coming week or two.
    CSS compensation will also be handed out this month.​
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