Update 2/8/17

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    Update 2/8/17

    Game Update:

    Wedding Updates (open)

    • Activated Weddings
    • Added Wedding drops to wedding mobs
    • Fixed instancing of entire wedding and stepthrough now works flawlessly
    • Added Wedding reactor scripts
    • Fixed Ring error 38's (No CC required now)
    • Handled breaking engagements
    • Coded Wedding small reward NPC
    • Created Wedding ring upgrader NPC
    • Fixed disappearing Wedding Ring bug
    • Added rewarping of players throughout wedding (the map is tracked throughout the instance)
    • Fixed rewarping of players in the altar map to the correct portal based on bride/groom status
    • Removed useless NPC's from wedding maps
    • Mom and Dad now tell the player to go back to High Priest John
    • Changed Moony to not grant rings when the player has a partner
    • Added wedding bless effect to lovers (for all POV's)
    • Properly removed partner when divorcing offline spouse
    • Handled all cases in ring and spouse chat activation
    • All forms of relationships now function correctly regardless of genders
    • Changed when the Wedding Map Transfer is sent

    AmoriaPQ Additions/Changes (open)

    • Reactivated APQ
    • Updated APQ rewards

    Valentine's Event:
    Valentine's Event Additions (open)

    • Coded and Activated Valentine's event
    • Updated Valentine's awards
    • Altered Valentine's donation event

    Misc Fixes/Additions (open)

    • Handled missing mob skill (DR for new mob)
    • Added automatic holding map timer at creation of event Suzy
    • Changed Speed infusion to not remove booster accidentally upon duration ending
    • Finishing the HP quest now reloads the character (stats update)
    • Handled Guild and Alliance levelups
    • Allowed Reverse/Timeless items to be transmogged again, and prevented them from leveling
    • Added packet handling for guild job messages, and correct maker pass/fail graphic
    • Removed 'empty item sort' packet to prevent confusion on user's end (The button will now only change when sorting is finished). This should prevent any remaining disconnections due to item sort
    • Added functionality to add players to parties across channels
    • Handled case where adding an invalid name to party would never yield an error message
    • Handled case where a player would try to invite a character without having a party first
    • Fixed End Chat DC bug (reverting the old change, so now you can press enter again)
    • Updated Royal hair rotation
    • Altered T-1337 to take either types of lvl 64 daggers for the pyrope version
    • Disabled Murphy
    • Reverted sendGetNumber change that removed the end chat button
    • Updated Astaroth rewards
    • Fixed 'Can't do anything' glitch. If the issue somehow happens again, using @dispose will also fix it

    Client Update:
    • Altered the client to allow for processing/drawing of hairs at ID's higher than 40000
    • Changed Boomerang step to activate regardless of platform availability or jumping
    • Allowed Females to propose

    I'll format this a bit to make it cleaner when I get back from lab :')
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    February WZ Updates:

    • Imported a lot of new tiles, backgrounds and objects into map.wz (for later use I swear).



    • Free Market Entrance - Has been given a wedding themed facelift to celebrate the launch of Weddings.
    • Free market 1-6 - Each map has been given a different theme based on new and existing tilesets, for fun.


    • Fixed the mini invisible ladder than somehow appeared after the recent update to the map, you should no longer get stuck on the last ladder as a result of this.


    • Red Tulip and Red Rose have been made one of a kind.
    • All skillbooks now stack to 100 (less inventory clogging, yay)
    • Naricain Demon Elexirs now stack to 100 instead of 10.
    • Lunchbox is no longer one of a kind.

    • Valentine's Day Chocolate description changed to: A sweet treat sent by someone special!



    Sommersault kick:
    • Changed the name to Somersault kick.

    Improve Map HP:
    • Improved MaxHP's description now more accurately reflects how you gain extra HP.

    Energy Orb:
    • Added a line about reduced damage to multiple targets.

    Super Transformation:
    • Changed Magic and Weapon att to Magic and Weapon Def, you should no longer be lied to by the skill description.

    • Added that the 5th and 6th hit deals 200% and 400% additional damage.
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  3. Indie

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    Patcher Update (v2.0):
    • The Patcher is now to be intended as a Game Launcher.
    • Now available both for .NET 4.0 (Windows XP) and 4.5 users.
    • [.NET 4.5 only] If updates to existing .wz files are available, the Launcher will now only download the file differences instead of redownloading the whole file.
    • The Launcher will run Maple Destiny via "MapleDestiny.dll". The updating process will download it automatically.
    • Added popups for some features (like Launcher closing). These can be disabled by the user.
    • Tentative fix for the self-updating feature. Might require more work.
    Known bugs:
    • The Quest.wz switching feature isn't working yet.
    • Some fonts and styles are missing (displayed as default fonts).
    • User settings currently don't save/persist.
    As this is still a "beta" version, you might encounter bugs that aren't listed here. Please inform us about them. c: