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Discussion in 'Approved' started by RainyCloud, Jan 11, 2017.

  1. RainyCloud

    RainyCloud Well-Known

    Looking to reduce the mana cost for hero's will to 1 or free so that it can be used when 1/1'd. I believe this will add to the quality of this game.
  2. LiOoN

    LiOoN Here to stay Donator

    I've thought this also but what kind of quality? Of making it nearly impossible to die?

    I think this is a nice RNG to keep people worried even if they have 30k hp/mp which is fun.

    Danger is fun in games :)
  3. laydownandrot

    laydownandrot Old Faithful

    With wheel prices dropping in half there must be things like this which cause people to die during HT (and in turn, use wheels).
  4. Slazzy

    Slazzy Rana Forum mod

    This suggestion has been denied in the past. Probably lost in the archives somewhere.
  5. Polar

    Polar Literally Jesus Event Winner Donator

    I personally agree with this suggestion.

    While i don't mind having a certain amount of danger in what i do, it feels ridiculous being sent into an almost 100% chance of death if you get seduced then 1/1d immediatly right after. If anything the death by these things happening should be for those who already spent their will previously, and not just be a random death-sentence.

    Not to bring up the fact that basicly only Night lords have a chance of surviving this combination.
    This does not only affect HT and whatnot, but consider this in HEBPQ or places where you can't respawn.

    In most games there are ways of dodging and surviving heavy boss attacks with the proper use of mechanics, and Will is supposed to be that type of mechanic in here.
  6. Slazzy

    Slazzy Rana Forum mod

    How often does this really happen?
    Don't most boss 1/1 attacks have an animation so you can see it coming before it hits you, allowing you to Will in time. I think this was the main reason it was denied last time. Waiting until it has hit you makes things too easy and the attacks can be predicted.

    Will being castable while silenced would be a welcome buff.
  7. LiOoN

    LiOoN Here to stay Donator

    Would like to know too cuz I personally never got both together, I always had time to HW before getting the 1/1 or to pot before seduce.

    If it really happens then I agree.

    In HEBPQ(I haven't think about it, ty @Polar) for example where you can't WoD and 3 HT's head can summon, it's 3x the chance you getting 1/1 and seduced then at least there I think there should be some work to give people a way to play around sed+1/1's. Otherwise you only have 3x more chance of being screwed can't do anything about it, neither revive.
  8. Mnemosyne

    Mnemosyne Forum Furry

    The point of it is that you otherwise don't die from seduce if you've got enough HP.

    Hero's Will essentially only saves you from seduce + 1/1 (seduce + dispel as well if you're a mage), because otherwise you just tank damage while in seduce until it ends. If you want to use the skill optimally, you would use it when you are seduced and before you get hit by 1/1. If this change is made, you can use it after you get hit by 1/1 and save yourself.

    The problem with requiring it before (as it is currently) is that this game's visual feedback and cues are really hard to detect, lag makes your hurtbox wonky, and some things straight up happen on frame 1 of the animation so you can't react anyway.

    The easiest workaround for this is to make it cost 1 MP or be free entirely, and only have the time cooldown. Even with this, you can still get RNG screwed over by another unlucky seduce + 1/1 in the cd time of your will. However, having a Bishop nearly solves this problem by reducing that RNG death frame significantly and providing a resurrection once or twice per fight.

    Personally I would make it free, just in case you somehow end up at 0 MP when you're seduced. As it stands, Hero's Will is helpful, but significantly less than it could be. It certainly feels from a design perspective like it was intended to be stronger and able to use on reaction to save yourself. The way it is right now is kind of silly IMO.
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  9. Polar

    Polar Literally Jesus Event Winner Donator

    Have you tried being seduced with a The Boss in the map. That dude casts 1/1s all the time, its literarly a certain death upon getting seduced.

    Exactly this. I think by design it is a lot more clever to make it so that you actually have to rationalize your will. If its on CD, THATS when the RNG deaths are supposed to happen. If you happen to get Seduced, then 1/1d right after, even if you cleverly saved your will throughout the past seduces, you still end up cucked.
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  10. lilydrop

    lilydrop Oldie Event Winner

    Ye man me 30kHP!!! DIE TWICE A HT RUN RECENTLY because of that shit!! WTF!!! Not even give me a chance to try to save myself, sigh.
  11. Polar

    Polar Literally Jesus Event Winner Donator

    Bumping this for importance
  12. Cipher

    Cipher Community Dingus Admin Developer

    Hero's Will shall be changed to consume only 1 or no MP in the next update.
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