True or False Event: 12/01, 1:00@servertime

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    Ready to test your knowledge?

    On Thursday, January 12th at 1:00 servertime, there will be a True or False quiz event!


    The quiz will include a series of statements, about MapleStory in general or MapleDestiny specifically, that could be either true or false.

    Waiting in the middle of the map (the "START" point), you'll be given the statement to evaluate.
    You'll then have 10 seconds to choose either "TRUE" or "FALSE" side, by jumping on the respective platforms and waiting there for the countdown to finish.

    If you judge the statement correctly, you'll be able to join the next round.

    Please keep in mind that multiclienting during GM events is NOT allowed! If you and someone else sharing the same connection want to participate, please send a PM to Zelda or Cipher, asking to join our Whitelist.


    - You'll obtain one Event Ticket as participation.
    - Every two rounds you pass, you'll win an additional Event Ticket.
    - The event winner will be awarded one Magic Crystal.

    Hope to see you there!