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  1. andyolam

    andyolam Getting involved

    Here are all of the major/minor glitches/bugs I've encountered along with other maplers (I haven't personally experience nor encounter all of these bugs/glitches. Some of these are reported by other players (some wanted to be kept anonymous) :

    Updated January 8th 2017

    - Slot merger / item sort isn't functioning.

    - 14-day mushroom house elf & 7-day mushroom house elf are both 5,900 NX

    - I wouldn't really consider this a glitch but when withdrawing mesos from Frederick, it used to be quicker when pressing "OK" to be proceeded with the "ENTER" button. Now players have to click "OK" with the mouse to advance.

    - (more of a suggestion) When NX items stack (gachapon tickets, event tickets, etc), you have to sell them in a bundle in a hired merchant. It'll be great if you can change this & have us sell as many as we want instead of the whole entire bundle.

    - The "CREATE" option works once after the maker skill is opened & you have to redo everything again. Reported by IGN user Goon

    - I see players with chalkboard inside private FMs aka FM1~22. When I enter with a chalkboard, the chat text would say "You cannot use the chalkboard here" & the chalkboard would instantly cancel. If it's forced canceled, would players see me with the chalkboard on their computers?

    - When advanced combo is activated, player lose combo count when changing channels.
    Reported by IGN user Goon

    - When using mystic door, it teleports player to a different part of the map.

    - When changing channels at the Valley of Snowman too quickly, player tends to disconnect. Also in big maps.

    - When having a little below max mesos, player can still withdraw any amount of their extra mesos from Scrooge & the mesos over the maximum limit would vanish. You have to be imbecile to purposely do this, but some players aren't aware assuming it would work like GMS where it'll tell you that your baggage is full.

    - There are times where players can't equip, drop, nor consuming potions. The unraveling solution to this malfunction would be restarting their computers. If there's a fix to this without having players restart their computers, that would be greatly appreciated.

    - When redeeming crystals for the NX Slime Bag, the description of the bag stated that it will summon 3 NX slimes when only two spawn.

    If any reader of this thread has anything to say or post, you're openly welcome to post below.
    I will continue to update this thread as the time goes...

    - Raged aka Andy
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  2. Indie

    Indie Old Faithful Developer Staff

    Thanks for this thread! Let's see about some of these.

    As far as I know, the item sorting does work; are you referring to the first part of the process, aka the arrow that should only merge the items on top? (If yes, that indeed does not work, or better, it's "fused" with the item sorting part).
    Side note: sometimes the merging is slower than it was before, it can take up to a couple of seconds, and you cannot press the button again while it's running.

    These will be fixed. The NX Slime Bag description was not updated after the change to NX Slimes sooner this year.

    This was linked with the removal of the Esc button pressing (context: pressing Esc while not having added any number input in the Mesos retrieving window would cause the player to crash. The keyboard Enter/Esc shortcuts had to be disabled alltogether). I'm not sure whether it could return.

    This does not have a fix yet, unfortunately. Though I consider it a personal archenemy among MapleDestiny bugs.

    First time I read about this one, actually; is there any specific amount of mesos that you must retrieve to cause it, if you know?

    Thanks for the reports. c:
  3. Cipher

    Cipher Community Dingus Admin Developer

    For further clarification on this one, the sorting method itself was not changed and isn't slower. However, to prevent disconnections, a 1 second delay in-between sorting and merging was added. Clicking the button twice with some time in between clicks should successfully merge and sort your inventory. c:
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  4. Polar

    Polar Literally Jesus Event Winner Donator

    The meso overflow is put back into your bank, it does not vanish!

    This is somewhat glitched. If you enter a fm, your sign closes for first person view (only for the character having the sign)
    It is thus visible for everyone else, and they would even have to reopen a sign to manually exit it, to get rid of this sign they can't even see themselves.

    Fix this, PLEASE. Serious quality of life.
    And this +1
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