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    Hello! As you all know (or probably not), I'm Raged aka Andy & I'm posting this here today because (I don't want this game to disintegrate & also because I genuinely respect this server) I feel there's much more room for improvement that's going to be voiced by not only my opinion but the community's.

    If we combine our beloved ideas, experience as a player, goals, etc... we might be able to successfully improve & greatly expand as a whole & without a doubt, we'll grow. The market economy will be further strong & vigorously stable, a wider range of connections, easy recruit for party quests, & so on.

    I went around Destiny on my character personally speaking to individuals what we can do for the betterment of the game & this is the result. I will keep the players anonymous (although some may sound bias to others, please respect because everyone has their own opinions) :

    "we need more ways to get new players hooked on this server"
    "we need to make smegas cheaper"
    "have permanent shops"
    "more updates?"
    "something that make you don't quit at level 200"
    "active GMs"

    What I noticed that can potentially be fix for the betterment of the game :

    1. PREVENTING PLAYERS FROM QUITTING - For me, I'm a pretty generous person & I love helping new players. When I created the guild, "Ambition" I created it for a purpose. It was to help new players. I thought to myself, "Hey! Everyone seems to be doing fine, they're enjoying the server & having a good time." That was when I was fairly new to the game & so was everyone in the guild.
    Then... I slowly noticed a pattern... I noticed that majority of the players that reach 4th job normally end up quitting after... I was trying to figure out why. I notice that most players would play a minimum of maybe a week~2 months & then quit. This is one of the main things we can focus on. What can we do prevent majority of the players from drastically quitting? More reward-able quests? More player interactions? I'm not quite sure but it would be nice to have your opinion on this & what we should do.

    2. REWARDS FROM VOTING - Okay... this is my opinion & maybe others can relate to me, but I feel like the rewards for voting should be bounteously prominent; eye-catching. If there's a reason to vote everyday, people will vote. There are times where I had more than enough NX from voting that voting was my last priority. I'm not asking for more, but I'm asking for a reason to vote everyday. Maybe a vote streak? Maybe a gift box from Destiny staff for voting 7 days straight? A better gift if I vote everyday for a month straight? Again, these are all ideas that can be implemented for the better or worse. I don't know. Not only that it'll keep the player voting, but the game can exponentially grow creating more players for the economy & an active community.

    3. ADD MISSING EQUIPS? - Did GMS or any other Maplestory NOT get Maple Bandana (blue, red, yellow) Elemental Staffs, etc before V83? I feel like there are many missing equips that should be here on this server. The more diversity, the better. Diversity keeps people in the game.

    4. MORE GM INTERACTIONS? - Okay... I'm not sure if there's a lack of GMs, but I feel like the GMs time-zone should equally be spread. I'm from California PST & yes, it's really active during the day for me. I got a lot of help from GMs when I needed (I appreciate it), but at night time, I noticed that there are no GMs on. It could be day time for other players that might need help that's why I feel like more GM's should be recruited to work during that time-zone. I see a lot of players at night time for me (day time for them) needing help all the time & complaining how @gm doesn't work because no one is responding. If that's the case, maybe the staff should recruit more GMs from different time zone.

    For now, that is all I have.

    If you have any opinions or ideas to improve this server, please post below. I will update this unfinished thread. I had to get this off my chest because I truly believe this server has a lot of potential to rank up. I will keep everyone posted. Thank you for reading.

    - Raged aka Andy :heart:
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    First off I just wanna say the OG Maple Bandanas are a GREAT suggestion - I remember those blue danas on gMS (full head especially) being insanely rare and sought after. Hopefully they can find a way to implement them while still making the blue danas insanely rare (not somewhat rare like WS or SFA, I'm talking 1-2 on the entire server similar to how it was on gMS) and very high valued.

    -Routinely changing Gach, or at the very least, more Gach locations implemented with different (worthwhile/desired) items at each location - as it stands the only places to Gach are Shrine and NLC and they give nearly the same shit. Way too repetitive and way too little variety. Even on gMS they would add new stuff to Gach with their patches and such - remember, things like WS, Chaos, Rings, Specs, etc. were all once absent from the game and they were gradually implemented and added to Gach. The same pattern needs to continue - despite being a v83 server, we still need to continue to bring in new content, and a part of new content are new items. Hell, even add some perma NX to gach, SFA, 15% scrolls, what fucking ever. At this point it's so stale I'll take anything, even if it's not perfect. Imagine something like Ludi Gach gives out a lot of perma'd have far more people Gaching there. Then maybe, Idk, add a Showa Gach that has a higher rate of WS and the potential for SFA, but also a very high rate of junk equips. NLC can give PACs and PGCs at a higher rate (than other locations). Shit like that. Idk, obviously these aren't well thought out suggestions but the concept of change in Gach, both items and locations, is the general suggestion.

    -Routinely changing the event tab in the Cash Shop (routinely meaning monthly/bimonthly) - new pets, clothes, effects

    -Adding Cash Shop events like they used to have on gMS - things like AP reset bundles being sold for X hours at X price for X bundle, discounted Gach stacks, 4x Aura Ring packs, etc.

    -Instead of just giving away perma shops, maybe make (free) 7 day? hired merchants a reward from X days of consecutive voting? This gives the opportunity to attain free shops while incentivizing players to vote at the same time. Or as I suggested in another thread, give out those old school shops that you can set up with your character and keep hired merchants the way they are.

    -Routinely rotating/changing/adding new Royal hair/faces (routinely meaning monthly/bimonthly)

    -More time dedicated from the staff. I know you guys are trying your best, but it's clear that your best isn't quite enough (sorry, I don't mean to be rude, but if you take a step back and look at it from the perspective of the players this is beyond evident-events being released late, fixes taking weeks, ban appeals taking weeks, reports taking weeks, responses in general taking WAY too long...hell, that fuck up with the storage happened in what, September? October? That is simply unacceptable). Take a look at all of the other servers that are flourishing, namely MapleSaga, who was once behind us in popularity. The biggest difference is the amount of development and staff interaction. I highly doubt they have players waiting weeks to get their ban appeals replied to, their events are released on time, bug fixes don't take weeks/months, and there is constant development, events, and change taking place. They have things like daily boss bonuses for certain bosses, EXP events, drop events, NX events, lotteries, top guild/bossing/fame recognition, and they are all ROUTINE. It's not once per year, or once every 6 months, it's weekly/monthly, and they're always changing it up and keeping things fresh. If our current team of staff doesn't have the time to do this stuff we should be actively seeking more additions to the staff so that it can be done. I get it, you guys have lives or whatever, and this isn't a paid position, but when you volunteer yourself for a position like this you should have the time needed to excel at it. Would you volunteer as the head of an animal shelter only to tell the dogs and other volunteers, oh, sorry, I have other priorities, I have to go on numerous vacations and go weeks without taking care of my duties? Absolutely not. Volunteer or not, and paid or unpaid, when you sign up for something you need to be able and willing to commit the necessary time required for you to do your job. As it stands it's clear the staff doesn't have the free time to give this server the timely and consistent development that it needs to grow or even sustain a decent population. I mean, let's be real, you guys can't even find the time to sit down for an hour or two every (other) day and go through all of the posts/ban appeals/reports? That's some crazy shit. Most of the players are more way active than the staff are, and that's about as backwards as it gets. To put things into perspective...I just went and checked the ban appeals section of Saga's forum and the last appeal was replied to and fixed within 2 hours of creation, and the one before that within 30 minutes. Again, I'm sorry if I sound like an asshole but I'm not gonna lie to you guys and act like this isn't the biggest downfall of our server, because it is. We either need a complete 180 from our current staff, or the addition of more staff members who have free time to take over (or help with) their duties. I'm sure this is easier said than done, but this isn't something new - we could have been seeking out new staff members for months and months now instead of sitting here stagnant making excuses (school starting back up, exam time, holiday time, vacations, "emergencies", we've heard it all) about not having enough time to perform your duties.

    -More bosses, more training maps, more incentive to train in parties, more cities, more more more. Like I mentioned above, while we're a v83 server, we still need to keep things fresh and new. We can still keep the v83 game play while implementing new areas, bosses, items, NX, and mobs from newer versions.

    I'm on my death bed feeling sicker than I have in years so please excuse the potato typing
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    You could write up the next LOTR trilogy lol

    BTW how about a website remodel to entice newbies
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    This thread is OCM approved.
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    Disclaimer if you don't like job balances don't bother readng the White text

    1. I don't think voting needs a "buff". Judging from the amount of vote abusers you can already see it is way to easy as a form of income.
    2. You can't simply add all that much in such a content limited game. Their goal is to keep players here for years... not release everything in 6 months.
    3. The Cash shop events, and more rotation on Royal hairs and all that stuff looks really nice.
    4. It is sad to say that i don't remember a world event which worked fine or wasn't +2 weeks late. This is a thing that should be fixed amongst the staff. I don't know how you do it, but i feel like laydownandrot pretty much sums it up. If you don't have the dedicated time available don't go for a staff position. I've seen servers with 3 Staff's who ran a server with the same player base just fine.

    A few suggestions of my own ( be prepared to get that dislike button ready, i'm talking about job changes).
    1. Shift the position of jobs for once in a while, People who are chilling at 200 with their one character funded like BM,NL,... I don't care what your opinion is of an overpowered job but nerf/buff some classes that people are pushed to play stuff like paladin/bucc/archmages and just can't stop playing till some other dude has a higher range. This will motivate higher level players to make new jobs and not just chill at 190+ and farm messos 24/7.
    (@Polar , Before you write your 1 page reply, i'm not saying nerf NL / buff corsair... I'm saying switch the rankings of better jobs a bit)
    (@laydownandrot Before you write your 1 page reply, Yes this is a V83 don't complain about the v83 content you should go play another version .... Unbalanced jobs is just bad gamedesign)

    Top 100 Thief is 179
    Top 100 archer is 173
    Top 100 warrior is 175
    Top 100 Pirate is 147 , notice the 30 lvl difference....
    Top 100 Aran is 145, (one job option)
    90% of 120+ mages are probably bishops.... WHY

    22/69 of the Current lvl 200's are Nightlords, that is a third of the 200's with 13 available jobs in this game.
    Kappa (open)
    I'm sure everyone just plays nightlords because they are "fun" but not unbalanced.

    2. Add some new donor features, One thing i liked a lot was a donor feature which lets you change the music of a map. So for example if you are hunting Bigfoots and you hate the CWK sound, you can atleast listen to stuff like ToT or ellinia music
    3. I don't know just a wild idea, maybe gives Knights of Cygnus a use. Make some KoC only PQ which you can do a few times a day. I don't know maybe it is nice having 5 jobs that are in some way relevant

    Promoting people to not main 1 job turns out to be an effective way to make people play longer, who would have guessed:o. Oh and guess what that means for once making some job changes instead of denying everything that might change the order of the top 3 jobs
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    i also wanna see better boss party quest reward like (mabye more itcg items? and css )
  7. laydownandrot

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    Since you asked me to refrain from tearing into the (IMO horrible) suggestion of balancing classes, I won't, and instead I'll suggest my quickly thought up way to incentivize playing other classes (and also providing players something to do after reaching 200 on their main). A buff similar to BoF only attainable through having specific (unpopular) class characters of a certain level. So, say..having a 170 paladin on your account could provide X % AP boost for the characters on the same account, or a 170 shadower X % of your HP boost (also gives an alternative to Hp quests). This can provide players a reason to play classes that aren't strong and in turn more people to accept them into parties because they are more widespread and they can relate to trying to level up their blessing mule. Obviously the buffs, levels, or classes I suggested aren't to be set in stone and in my personal opinion no balance or change should take place, but I ain't ready to quit, and if job balancing takes place I absolutely will, so I wanted to provide a better alternative in case I am the minority in thinking the classes are completely fine the way that they are. I like criticism so everyone can feel free to shit on this suggestion if it isn't a good one.

    We could also make BoF doubled on low DPS classes such as pallies buccs and shadowers, so instead of the usual 20 (potential) attack it could be 40 on those classes to help slightly decrease the strength gap.

    If we wanna go even further we could make it so that mages can't provide a BoF boost so players are forced to use an attacking class for a BoF instead of a farming mule.

    With all of this said I feel these types of major changes need to occur at the time of a wipe or not at all. That's just my opinion though.
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    I think the main thing with DMS' understaffed issue is finding good staff members. Obviously they're busy very often, but I'm sure most of us can agree that when they do their job they do it well. I'd rather we have this issue than having more incompetent/power-abusing staff members [if we're talking about "fixing" it by accepting more staff members]. Might just be my opinion tho

    @laydownandrot, Sorry for personal question, but I just want to get something thing straight here. Are you against class tweaks completely or just drastic changes? For example Drk's Power Crash cancelling Weapon Cancel. Would you call that a minor tweak or drastic change, and is that the type of "balancing" you're against or don't mind? I just can't get quite a reading on what you accept and don't accept. You recently made a thread on importing new bosses, which is more of a content issue, but even then that's a major change "(modifications to HP/EXP/Drops may be necessary)" and I don't see why you are willing to accept that but not accept class changes.

    Again, I know content != gameplay, but they are correlated (the reason why you mentioned modifications to HP/EXP may be necessary). I'm not looking to argue but you kinda have to see where I'm asking from when you accept one thing and not the other.
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    No worries, and yeah, I totally see where there could be confusion in understanding my viewpoint.

    The latter, but I'm against class tweaks that change the strength balance. Something like power crash isn't going to make anybody play a DrK who otherwise wouldn't. It's not going to make a DrK go from X ranked DPS up to a higher position. It's not going to increase the demand for warrior equips or decrease the demand for other classes equips. People won't say, hey, DrKs are totally different on this server compared to pre-BB MS, I'm gonna main one of them instead of, say, a NL. Now, if we changed buster (crusher) to have more lines, or crit, or a higher damage %, that would change things entirely - DrKs would jump DPS ranking, people would want to play that class because it's different, and the entire game would change (more people playing a class = higher demand for their items and books, lower demand for other classes items and books, different party formations, etc.). Obviously DrK is just one example, and I only went with it because it was convenient after you brought up PC, but you get the idea. If it doesn't change anything major in the grand scheme of things, that's fine with me.

    I'm cool with a lot of the new content - new maps, new bosses, new items, new NX, new hair, new faces, you get the jist of it, but when it comes to the classes I'm not very open to change as that's the main thing I despise in other versions of the game (I won't lie, the main reason I haven't left here for Saga is because they completely butchered all of the classes with their "balancing" tweaks and it is absolutely fucking ridiculous). I believe that the imbalance in strength is a part of the game I love (pre-BB MS), and for a good reason. It's one of the only things we can hold onto that will keep our game truly nostalgic.

    Adding new bosses doesn't change anything other than giving us something else to attack and potentially adding new items into the economy (depending on the boss). The game play is ultimately going to remain the same. Unlike balancing classes which changes almost every aspect of the game. From scroll prices to item prices to book prices boss runs to party formations and so forth.

    I mentioned the HP/EXP/drops being modified because I simply don't know what those suggested bosses "naturally" give - some may drop items that are not implemented in our server, or may give too much EXP for their difficulty level, or have too low of HP, you get the idea. Changing a new bosses HP/EXP prior to implementation isn't going to make a difference in the overall game play the same way changing the classes will.

    Another huge reason I am against it is because the server doesn't have a clean slate. If this were something being discussed prior to a wipe I would be a lot more open to it (granted, I likely wouldn't play if it were implemented, but it would make more sense). Changing the game at this stage is just too drastic and will alter...well, everything. People have invested in certain characters, items, scrolls, whatever, and there is already a set economy. That would all change alongside changes to the classes, and I don't think that is fair or reasonable to do with a developed server. Much like how BB changed everything for gMS, it would do the same on here, and that's exactly what I want to avoid.

    Hopefully this clears things up! If you have any other questions feel free to ask
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  10. Travesty

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    My largest desire as a long time maplestory player (and destiny player) has always been diversity/balance. If there was a single change that would incentivize me to stay here over any other server it would be to have a proper balance patch for all characters. NOTE: Balance doesn't always = damage output. It can be such things like improving smoke screen by lowering it's CD and making an encounter where you would want to use it. Or reducing timewarp's CD etc.

    One of the best aspects of destiny is that it has custom boss content. Make it interesting; make it so that bringing X class isn't a detriment. Currently the balance between the top 3 and bottom 3 is tremendous to the point that every wipe since the servers inception has ended up being 5NL 1BM. This isn't just because they're the best single target but also because all content is single target without the need for anything else (except hbpq and horntail). I would also enjoy seeing more multi-group related content. For instance, no one does hell BPQ. So why not make it more interesting? Instead of limiting it to 6 players make it 12 total. Make more 2 party group content that allows the other classes to be desired.

    It would be brilliant to see more multi target encounters allowing for other classes that don't accel in single target to become more desired.

    These are just a few ideas i've had for a long time. In general, destiny has a massive power creep and because of that plus the fact that the game has been "solved" mathematically without adjustments it always ends up becoming the same thing. I would love to see that end game become more diverse.
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  11. Slazzy

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    I actually liked character cards, before they got too crazy with all the set bonuses and link skills. Though it does just tend to be spamming leveling up mules which isn't really fun.
    Also, the Monster Book. Ignoring set bonuses, getting +1 all stats for every 100~200 cards collected would be nice.
    I would strongly recommend making PQs that are inclusive of weaker jobs rather than being exclusive to them. For example CWKPQ. Each class has a role to play and everyone is needed for more than just being a HS/HB/SE mule. As a Buccaneer I really enjoy this PQ, it's fun, and I don't feel like I'm letting the party down like I do at other bosses where the only thing that matters is DPS. Anyway the point is, the way this PQ is structured is far more beneficial for Pirates and other members than say, a Pirate only PQ.

    Someone suggested something a while ago along the lines of a boss fight where there are platforms that are only reachable by mages and they have to hit x switch at x time to trigger something during the boss fight. This allows a Bishop to actively participate in the boss fight rather than just HS right before the boss dies. Hopefully Maple isn't too limited in this regard and there are many new mechanics to explore. The more important thing about this mechanic is that any mage would be able to achieve this, not only Bishops.
    One of the biggest hindrances on class diversity in boss fights is party buffs, SE/HS/HB are all incredibly strong(brokenly OP) skills. SE I am fine with(other than the stupid way crits are calculated in this game) because both Archers have this ability. The fact that Marksmen have SE greatly overshadows the fact that they deal a little less DPS than Bowmasters. Unfortunately HB and HS are only available to one job in their class group. Which makes other Warriors/Mages obsolete in party play.

    Standard party structure is something like this:
    • Attackers: Deal high DPS.
      • Corsair
      • Night Lord
      • Aran
      • Hero(mobbing only)
      • Dark Knight(mobbing only)
    • Supporting Attackers: Deals less DPS than attackers, provide damage buffs.
      • Bowmaster
      • Marksman
      • Buccaneer(SI: 5% DPS to Corsair, 13.8/14.8% to drk) thx LB and PSB F3.
    • Supporting Tanks: Low DPS, provide defensive buffs.
      • Dark Knight
    • Pinning Tanks: Can pin BGB.
      • Aran
      • Buccaneer
    • Full Support: No damage, provide experience buffs.
      • Bishop
    Unfortunately Shadowers, Paladins, I/L and F/P mages don't make it to this list. And Heroes/Buccaneers are incredibly niche picks. These classes have less damage than that of the Supporting Tanks(except Hero which is a little higher than Marksman) and no party buffs to make up for it. Therefore, they are simply obsolete. They will remain so unless they are given major party buffs or huge damage increases(say around 50% increased DPS).
    However if you were to add more mechanics to boss fights new roles can be created that these classes fit into. Some quick ideas: Teleporting to switches(mages), Bosses with long invulnerable attacking phases and small vulnerable windows to be attacked(Shads), Resistance to normal damage / weakness to elemental damage(Paladins), Rushing required(Heros/Paladins/Buccaneers), Mobbing etc.
    The idea with this is that you will face multiple phases/bosses in a row so you will require 1 party to overcome all of these different challenges.
    This allows far more diversity in party composition compared to the standard: Single enemy, requires x HP to survive 1 hit KO, has x HP wall and x time limit(requires x minimum party DPS).
    Also, perhaps we could consider releasing future bosses as PQ bosses. This would allow for the challenge of the PQ to be incorporated into the run requiring puzzle solving, unique classes, communication and coordination.
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    Because of the Wall of Textiness and me not bothering to read it all right now, ill come back with a 2 page reply tomorrow.
    Sleep tight!
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  13. SweetPayback

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    All the fancy new boss ideas are fine and all but lets be real those are never gonna happen. But with simply changing a few numbers in the code you'll motivate a lot of players to try and play different jobs. It is a good way of solving the problem if you get these things out in like less then a year but if takes more like for example 3 years to get all this stuff working then the average age of maple players is like what 25 ... ? Noone is gonna play maple anymore by then. Judging from stuff like a snowball event, amoria pq and things like that it is safe to say that those are just nice dreams.

    That takes like what 2 hours of thought and 30 minutes of coding ? You can always re-evaluate afterwards.
    It's what they do in all succesfull games face it you need to keep your playerbase busy. Instead of making some fancy new event which probably took way too much effort for it to work properly you could have kept people busy for days by making them play archmages/shadowers or something like that.
    Overwatch, LoL, Counter Strike, WoW idk what the popular games are. You don't see them designing new maps, champions, guns every 2 weeks.... They just shift the balance so people are more inclined to try new things.
    These are all games with full time developpers in all hundreds of co-workers.
    It just makes no sense to make new content like that. I never played LoL but they have like what 100+ champions ? you aren't gonna tell me that for 5 years only the 5 same champions are being played because they didn't want players to lose their so beloved champion which was good at the moment and they invested hours in. Only because it was overpowered at the time and it would be a shame to make new champions compete.
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  14. Gotham

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    i don't think the issue andy is trying to bring up is with how unbalanced the jobs are , the lack of player base is the real problem imo.
    and i don't think a minor tweak in the jobs is gonna solve it, though i don't have any better idea
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  15. laydownandrot

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  16. Mnemosyne

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    I've made an initiative to try to get us more dedicated and organized and professional in the future. I know I am partially to blame for the lack of moderation and inactivity, but honestly, I think with some better organization it will be much more apparent what the staff does. I have faith in them that they have the work ethic to follow through. And it's a new year, time to make a new us :)

    While there are a lot of ways I think we could improve, I think the core problem people are getting at isn't really going to go away. I agree with Travesty - the game has been "solved" so to speak and so it progresses from there, and the base game is honestly just not that compelling to keep people around without a thriving community. MapleStory is at its core a social game, so without a strong community, it inevitably dies. It's a fundamental flaw of the core game we're playing which we simply cannot erase. The only way around it is to reach critical mass, and we're pretty far short of that.

    This doesn't mean I feel we should be defeatist about it, because while we cannot erase a core flaw that is intrinsic to MapleStory, we can still improve MapleDestiny to have a better chance of reaching critical mass, and there's a lot of good suggestions. I agree that having new and fresh content as well as more active staff interaction and moderation is top priority. For what it's worth, if you were here pre-wipe, I think it's undeniable that we're a lot better now than we were then, but we need to work to keep getting better.

    We're listening to what you guys have to say. We want our server to be great for you guys to enjoy. :)

    In that regard, let me make a short list of what I hear you guys saying you're looking for:
    • Routine updates. Cycling out old prizes or simply adding new ones. This is for everything: gacha, hairs, astaroth, cash shop, anything to keep the game feeling new and different once in a while.
    • Content. I've heard people ask about Ulu City for example. Any new maps, bosses, mobs, items, etc. that fit in with MapleDestiny's v83 style.
    • Class balancing (maybe?). Some people really enjoy the imbalance (and to some extent I agree), but others want to see a better balance of classes. I think people are okay with dps differences if there's a greater utility for the "weaker" classes. I definitely prefer that route over trying to equalize the damage numbers. The less drastic/intrusive, the better in my opinion.
    • GM interaction. I think this is straightforward enough: regular events, and being available to moderate and fix problems in a timely manner.
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  17. bpare207

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    TL;DR of Slazzy's response - Please add Boss fight mechanics other than "DPS THE CRAP OUT OF IT" to a game that lacked them from the get-go.
    I couldn't agree more. My best friend plays WoW, and I remember watching him Raid... the fight mechanics are so wide-spread that it requires the players to manage their responsibilities and not just straight up DPS whatever they're fighting.
    If there's one thing I've always lamented about Maple Story, it's the lack of fight mechanics throughout the game. There are several skills for each class that you just end up not using. Like Monster Magnet for warriors... Rush brings you to the monsters and adds speed/mobility to the class, so why bring the monsters to you? I could see several ways to utilize that skill to create boss fight mechanics. I'm not one to know the in's and out's of the games collision detection/coding, but it might be possible to spawn a monster during a specific phase of the fight in a location that would require the use of a warrior's monster magnet to bring it closer to him and you'd have to attack the monster through a barrier whether it be a platform you can't jump to or a physical barrier that no class can pass through. Now, I realize that there would have to be a map(s) that could facilitate these mechanics and we're unfortunately stuck with what is native to v83.
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  18. SweetPayback

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    Or something lile papulatus bombs but then buffed that warriors can pull to themselves and tank it like a boss like a real "hero" would do:P
  19. bpare207

    bpare207 Well-Known

    Just something to really utilize the forgotten skills and abilities of all the classes.
  20. Polar

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    As for class rebalancing:
    These are drastic steps, which may have huge results in the games dynamic. If such drastic steps are wanted, i suggest looking into the games mechanics and make concrete separate suggestions and stop pestering these threads with 10 page long essays about buccs or heros or other cavemen classes that sorely needs to be balanced.
    While i can agree that this debate is interesting and might even be suitable within a thread like this in some short form, this is not the platform to discuss it on.
    My suggestion for class balancing is that a thread is created for each class, where suggestions to diverse mechanics that could be changed, and discussion around them, can be done. Everytime someone tries to host a thread about improvement on the server, some people tend to go completely out of controll writing page in and out about class balancing, specifics, thoughts or non-sence biased walls of texts.
    My advise to you all regarding class rebalancing, is consider that there are multiple natural courses to take for the tank classes (overall, these are the ones that suffer), including rebalancing their tanky purposes with examples such as party-shields(Hero's combo barrier???), elemental-base damage reduction(paladins), or practical solutions such as PC for them both. Enough about this here.

    I think its important that there are routine updates. Maybe a way to administer these are to schedule them ahead (a deadline), which increases efficiency for both players and staff who look forward to the updates. Personally i think that would benefit the server greatly. Wether its a big or small update, atleast all parties know when it should be here, and thus players and staff dynamic, communication and expectations are greatly increased. I think this will help with the at times tense relationship between players and developers.

    Content is always welcome. BUT, it is extremely important to remember that this is a tribute server, dedicated to a version 83 community. All content considered should also be discussed and heavily considered within these forums circles. We are after all, the community.

    For the GM interaction, i personally think many of the new GMs are doing an extraordinary job.
    While online hours may vary, it is of importance that if you get tired of the game, or feel like quitting the game due to real life activity, other games, or whatever reason. Accept it and step down. Being active parts of both community and game is important for a GM, and for the server. GMing can be dull at hours where there are low rates of people needing help, and few hackers. But that's the job. I personally value it a lot everytime i get a reply on an inquiry by the GMs. Sometimes they just, aren't online.
    For the players:
    If you ever have questions about the game, mechanics or NPCs or whatever. You can always try to contact me. OCM FLAW's hours is around the clock, and i have a vast majority of experience with this game. My igns are; Flaw Friend Fault and Flight. Or you can reach out to my friend Vogue and moose and they can contact me from there.
    For the GMs hosting events:
    I know hosting events are stressing. You're still getting used to the job, theres a lot of things that could go wrong, and sometimes players even act so naughty its discouraging hosting events. Just remember this; Somewhere there are people laughing and having fun while attending your events. Some people even stay up to crazy-hours or wake up at 3 am just to attend them. People are wild for you guys.

    OCM out.

    @SweetPayback: dont ever tell me what to do. you're not my mom.
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