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    The DestinyLauncher is an application unique to MapleDestiny, that allows you to patch the game without having to redownload the whole list of updated .wz files for each new Patch.
    It also offers a series of useful features, both for the technical aspect of your game installation, and for your involvement with our server and our community.

    Download links

    The latest version of the DestinyLauncher is already part of the "Install MapleDestiny" resource from our website Downloads page, together with MapleDestiny's game client.

    However, here are some mirror links for the individual Launcher download, should anyone need them:

    Download links with .rar compression (requires decompressing software, eg. WinRAR, WinZIP, 7Zip)

    DestinyLauncher from Google Drive
    DestinyLauncher from Mega

    Download links with .zip compression (requires no external software)

    DestinyLauncher from Google Drive
    DestinyLauncher from Mega

    Once you've downloaded the application, extract it from the compressed folder, and move it to the folder where your MapleDestiny installation is located (or where you want to install MapleDestiny, if this is your first download).

    Double-click on the DestinyLauncher, and it will start operating.

    Please note that the DestinyLauncher requires atleast .NET Framework 4.0, in order to run.

    Launcher information



    The DestinyLauncher comes with a set of useful features and customizable settings.
    These features will be explained in detail in the next paragraphs.

    Table of contents:

    Install/Update Button
    Play Button
    Quest Button
    News Monitor
    Launcher Settings
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    Install/Update button


    The main feature of the DestinyLauncher is its ability to install your copy of the game in a folder of your choice, or to update a preexisting MapleDestiny installation.

    When you run the Launcher, it will scan the folder where it's been saved, looking for a copy of MapleDestiny.


    If the Launcher finds no previous MapleDestiny copy, the Button will lighten up, and it will let you easily install the game.


    After making sure that you've selected the desired folder, simply pressing "Ok" makes the Launcher automatically download and install the latest version of all the files necessary to play MapleDestiny.


    If the Launcher finds a previous MapleDestiny copy, but some files are missing / aren't updated / are invalid, the Button will activate once again, allowing you to synchronize your installation.


    Once you press "Ok", the Launcher will verify your files one by one, downloading the latest available version in case you're missing it.


    Example of a file being updated.
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    Indie Pasta Manufacturer Admin Developer Staff

    Play button


    Once your game files are up to date, you will be ready to play the game.

    The Play button of the Launcher will lighten up, and it will allow you to launch one copy of the client, either fullscreen or in windowed mode, depending on the preference you expressed in the Settings (more on this in the Settings paragraph).

    Note: MapleDestiny allows multiclienting, and the Launcher knows that.
    Once you press the Play button, it will temporarily disable itself for 10 seconds, to prevent accidental double clicks that might cause unpleasant resource usage on older machines; after that time, you'll be free to launch another game window.​
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    Quest button


    If Quest.wz is present in your game folder, and if you're not already running a copy of MapleDestiny, the Quest button will lighten up.

    Its function is to allow you to switch between a Quest.wz file with the Lightbulb activated over a character's head, and a Quest.wz where the Lightbulb is disabled.

    Once you press the button, it will take only some moments for the Launcher to change your file, during which the Play button will be disabled even if your files are updated.

    After use, the Quest button is disabled for 30 seconds.

    The default Quest.wz setting is the no-lightbulb one. Note that you can change this in the Settings menu (refer to the relative paragraph of this guide).
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    News Monitor


    The big monitor in the middle of the Launcher window is a great source of information about events regarding MapleDestiny.

    It's split in two parts: a Main monitor, that will list any important World events and News, and a Top monitor, that will list the latest GM Events and the Servertime clock.

    Main monitor

    You can browse the most relevant Destiny-worldwide information by looking at the Main monitor window.

    Each title in the monitor list is a link to a detailed Forum thread about that specific article.

    By moving the Main monitor handle to the left or to the right, you can alter the appearance of the monitor as follows:​
    • Handle turned to the left: the monitor will only show News.
    • Handle turned to the center: the monitor will show both News and Events.
    • Handle turned to the right: the monitor will only show Events.
    Top monitor

    The Top monitor, by default, will show you the current server time (please note that the monitor time can have some seconds of difference from the actual servertime, that you can see on our Website - or in the game).


    By moving the Top monitor handle, the servertime will be alternated with the list of the latest GM Events planned on MapleDestiny. Like on the Main monitor, each Event title will be a link to the respective thread on the Forum.
    • Handle turned to the left: the monitor will show the Servertime.
    • Handle turned to the right: the monitor will show the GM Events.
    Note: as a default behavior, clicking the monitor handles will turn them clockwise, switching to the appropriate state. Alternatively, you can set the handles to react to both left and right mouse clicks, turning one step to the relative mouse button side.
    This can be changed in the Settings.

    Refresh button

    Whenever you open the Launcher, or, if you kept it open, once every 6 hours (30 minutes for the servertime clock), the information in the News Monitor will automatically refresh.

    However, you may also refresh it manually, by pressing the Refresh button. Note that this button has 30 seconds of cooldown time, before being available again.
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  6. Indie

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    Launcher Settings


    Clicking on the "Edit Configurations" button, in the main Launcher window, will open the Settings menu window.

    From here, you'll have access to different degrees of customization, both for the Launcher itself and for your game.

    Also, on the top right corner of the window, you can see your Launcher's current version.

    Follows an analysis of each available setting.

    "Launch MapleDestiny in windowed mode"

    If checked, this setting will make the Play button launch the game in windowed mode, instead of the regular fullscreen mode.

    Unchecking it brings back the regular fullscreen functionality.

    This setting is only available if MapleDestiny isn't already running.

    "Show warning message when closing the launcher"

    If checked, you will see a popup window whenever you try to close the DestinyLauncher.


    In this window, you can check "Do not show this again" to suppress this warning, and the "Show warning message when closing the launcher" setting will be automatically unchecked.

    "Show message when minimizing the launcher to tray"

    If checked, a balloon will appear whenever you minimize the DestinyLauncher, informing you that the Launcher is still running in the background.


    Unchecking that setting will prevent the popup from showing up.

    "Default Quest.wz: WITH lightbulb (unchecked = without)"

    If checked, your default choice for Quest.wz will be set as "with lightbulb".

    Unchecking it will set the "no lightbulb" option as default.

    Note: this setting will only affect the next update scans and downloads. If you want an immediate Quest.wz exchange, please refer to the Quest Button paragraph above.

    Exchanging Quest.wz via the Quest button will also automatically update this setting.

    "Use both mouse buttons to turn the monitor handles"

    If checked, this setting changes the behavior of the monitor handles to react to both mouse buttons: right click to move the handle clockwise, left click to move it counterclockwise.

    If unchecked, the default handle movement is applied: clicking on the handle with left mouse button will move it clockwise, alternating the handle states explained above.​
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    The thread is now updated with the full changes of Launcher 3.0.
    Once again, I renew my invite to either contact us or post in the Technical Support section, in case of bugs/suggestions concerning the DestinyLauncher. Thanks!
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