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  1. aVenezuelan

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    Hello everyone! I'm going to be hosting a BF tournament soon and I want you to apply for it. The tournament will have 8 participants and will be host on December 11th around 4-5 PM EST. You will pay 50m to participate and the winner will get all the mesos. (400m) plus an additional surprise iten. :)

    DECEMBER 11TH - 4-5 PM EST.


    How to apply:

    • Contact me here (forums) to sign you up.
    • Once I sign you up you'll proceed to give me the mesos in-game (Demolition) and wait for the 10th December.

    • No att potions.
    • Both members will be partied with me so I can constantly rage them to avoid using gelt.
    • You are allowed to use mounts to move faster.
    • The map for battles will be TWISTED PATHS ONLY, no ER/ED/FP.
    Whoever WHITES the bigfoot wins. (You must send me picture)

    That's all for now, If you have any questions please post below or ask me via PM if you want.


    • Goon, level 17x Hero.

    Thanks and hope to see some BFers join this. :)
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  2. SweetPayback

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    You might wanna mention that the person who whites the BF wins :P you host a tournament but you don't explain how you win ;)
    Also are bishops allowed ?Keepo
  3. TrueGangster

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    J> ^_^

    Goon, level 17x Hero.

    I highly suggest only Warriors / Arans / Buccaneers sign up for it, other classes will be pretty useless.
  4. aVenezuelan

    aVenezuelan Well-Known

    Yeah my bad, forgot about the most important thing lmao, edited.

    If a HP washed ranged class want to try to battle they can as well, everyone is welcome but obviously ranged with rush will have advantage haha
  5. TrueGangster

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    By the way, if someone wants to join and isn't sure what's the battle going to look like, let me give you some video examples to show how the rythem of Bigfoot Battle go:

    Dark Knight vs. 2 Heroes:

    Hero vs. Hero:

    Aran vs. Buccaneer:

    Feel free to look for videos yourself and practice if you want to get better~
  6. Polar

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  7. aVenezuelan

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    Changed rules.

    You don't have to record anymore, you will just be in a party with me and I will rage both members BF battling. Extended to date to 11/12/2016.
  8. moose

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    wow sounds cool too bad i main fp
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