Update 11/3/16

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    Update 11/3/16

    Game Update:

    • Hired Merchant messages now save and are viewable by the owner.
    • The visual glitch that was causing people to appear to be floating below ladders is fixed.
    • The Pink Bean and Horntail Chairs are now added to inventories just like their corresponding medals (No longer achievements, which means you may obtain multiple on the same account).
    • Monsters will no longer abruptly stop using their status affecting skills or summoning monsters.
    • The HP quest values have changed for Warriors/Arans: Warriors are now 180hp/30mp per completion and Arans are 200hp/20mp per completion
    • The Dojo ATT belt requirements have been nerfed.
    New Att Belt Req's (open)
    1x :
    Black belt
    Adv Power, Dex, Luk, Wisdom, Dark crystals
    Adv Sapphire, Garnet, Opal, Amethyst, Aquamarine, Topaz, and Emerald

    2x :
    Adv Black crystal
    Adv Diamond

    10x :
    AMC 3

    20x :
    AMC 2
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