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    Effective immediately we will no longer be accepting Second Chance applications.

    The Second Chance program was put in place pre-wipe as a way to open our arms to players that felt like they were harshly punished, and that wanted another shot at being a part of our community. Since opening the new world, players have been using this program as a way to push our limits and see what they can get away with, and in their minds, having another way of getting back in if it fails. This is no longer going to fly with us.

    Any player banned that wants to appeal the decision can file a regular ban appeal. Ban appeals will be processed like usual, but there is no waiting period in between. We will be accepting all applications, and you may reappeal if your first application is denied, by providing new information, or more detail.

    Ban appeals are looked at whenever the staff member leading the ban is available (for minor appeals) or when an admin is available (for more complicated appeals). This can be anywhere from a few hours, to a week. If your ban appeal remains unanswered even after 7 days, you may bump the thread to bring it to our attention and it will be prioritized.

    Any Second Chance appeals that are currently pending before today (10/14/16) will still be processed.

    Having players act out in game on your behalf may compromise your appeal. Other players may not post ban appeals on your behalf. Ban evading will compromise your appeal.

    tl;dr don't break the rules. We just want everyone to play fair and have fun. Cheating is wrong, stay in school, and be nice to others.
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