Update 10/6/16

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    Update 10/6/16

    Game Update:

    • Fixed "Soloed Mu Lung Dojo" achievement.
    • Fixed assassinate damage to actually deal 800k max damage.
    • Fixed NPC placement for the Part 2 Questline.
    • Added persisting Halloween effect in FM.
    • Added persisting Halloween effect at Haunted House.
    • @checktimer actually functions correctly now.
    • Added monster cards to PQ bosses and Jr. Lucida.
    • Coded backend of the Reverse/Timeless Level Reset system. This means that you can now level your items with no repercussions. c:
    • Added Squishy Shoes to King Slime drop.
    • Changed requirements for Malady spawning to 25 per etc.
    • Added White scrolls to Candy rewards (at a very low rate).
    • Fixed AP reset ID typo in Event NPC.
    • Opened Ellin Forest. Pending further update. c:
    • Added Murphy the Traveling Zombie Stylist.
    • Revamped GPQ Bonus drops.
    • Updated LPQ Bonus drops.
    New GPQ Rewards (open)
    Elephant Hat

    Passionate Red Potion Chair
    Refreshing Blue Potion Chair
    Knuckler for attack 100%
    Gun for attack 100%
    Claw for ATT 100%
    Crossbow for ATT 100%
    Bow for ATT 100%
    Pole Arm for ATT 100%
    Spear for ATT 100%
    Two-handed BW for ATT 100%
    Two-handed Axe for ATT 100%
    Two-handed Sword for ATT 100%
    Staff for Magic ATT 100%
    Wand for Magic ATT 100%
    Dagger for ATT 100%
    One-handed BW for ATT 100%
    One-handed Axe for ATT 100%
    One-handed Sword for ATT 100%
    AP reset
    Chaos Scroll 60%

    **These are the 60%-like versions

    Knuckle for ATT 60%
    Gun for ATT 60%
    Claw for ATT 60%
    Crossbow for ATT 60%
    Bow for ATT 60%
    Pole Arm for ATT 60%
    Spear for ATT 60%
    Two-handed BW for ATT 60%
    Two-handed Axe for ATT 60%
    Two-handed sword for ATT 60%
    Staff for Magic ATT 60%
    Wand for Magic ATT 60%
    One-handed BW for ATT 60%
    One-handed Axe for ATT 60%
    One-handed Sword for ATT 60%

    Power Elixir
    Melting Cheese
    Sunset Dew
    Reindeer Milk
    Power Elixir
    Melting Cheese
    Sunset Dew
    Reindeer Milk
    Power Crystal ore
    Wisdom Crystal ore
    LUK Crystal ore
    DEX Crystal ore
    Black Crystal ore
    Dark Crystal ore

    New LPQ Rewards (open)
    1st Unwelcome Guest Earrings
    Fan Dance Moon Bunny Cushion
    Munchy Chip
    Dark Shards
    Skull Earrings
    Green Ski
    Blue Nappy
    Red Nappy
    White Nappy
    Black Nappy
    Ice Cream Pop
    Red Bean Sundae
    Sunrise Dew
    Sunset Dew
    Pure Water
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