Update 10/6/16

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    Update 10/6/16

    Game Update:

    • Rings are officially fixed for all POV's, multi-effects have been enabled, and Map crashes have been eliminated
    • Changed Pocketwatch rate in Leafre from 10% to 1%
    • Added Halloween global drops and boss drops (Only drops from HT and Zakum)
    • Added Staff tags to Staff whispers
    • Nine Spirit's Eggs now announce who picks them up
    • Updated AP distribution for Legends
    • Updated @stafflist
    • Changed @battleshiphp to @shiphp
    • Added level to monsters displayed in @monsterhp/@bosshp
    • Fixed Alliance CC bug
    • Updated Astaroth (Now MV) rewards
    • Added permanent versions of HP pouch and MP pouch to the 25k BPQ point tier, and Transparent Glasses to the 50k BPQ point tier
    • Updated Fredrick to check for one of a kind items and hand them out accordingly
    • Fredrick now also lets players gain meso while having a hired merchant up
    • Added a message to Inkwell to point Arans to Pudin
    • Added LB/Skii NPC's in El Nath and NLC.
    • Updated Royal Hairs rotation
    • Updated Cash shop event
    • Added "received first defame" achievement
    • Added "received first fame" achievement
    • Added "equipped first Mark Of Naricain" acheivement
    • Added "soloed Mu Lung Dojo for the first time" achievement
    • Added "created an item with Maker for the first time" achievement
    • All AP resets bought from the cash shop are now permanent and will stack
    • Fixed invalid player command syntax handling
    • Added Fame, Hired Merchant, and APQ timers in @checktimer
    • Added incomplete and repeatable functionality to @achievements. (Ex: @achievements incomplete will display all incomplete achievements)
    • Changed Aran washing mp from 2 to 4 to reflect accurate values
    • Created a message for Level 10 Arans to advance at Pudin
    • Re-enabled banish monsters. (Bot-catching monsters)
    • Removed Sky Skis from Perion Gachapon
    • Other large updates have been coded and are undergoing testing. More information to come!
    • Activated the Halloween Event