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    We would like to begin this post by expressing our thanks to you all. After the short but hurtful initial backlash we have received an overwhelming outpour of support. Every discussion that has been had, every excited forum post that was posted, you guys helped motivate us more than ever before in pushing through these last few days.

    Rates and leveling
    Our server EXP discussion thread was a huge deciding factor for us, and speaking directly to a few players helped finalize our decision. As 16x EXP is unique to us, we have decided instead to drop the rates gradually starting after level 160.
    From level 1 - 160 // 16 EXP, 4 DROP, 4 MESO
    From level 160 - 175 // 12 EXP, 4 DROP, 4 MESO
    From level 175 - 190 // 8 EXP, 4 DROP, 4 MESO
    From level 190 - 200 // 4 EXP, 4 DROP, 4 MESO
    We want players to be able to have fun early and mid game leveling up and participating in training groups or party quests. Around 160 is when we want players to slow down and start getting more serious about bossing and training. Each step towards that max level goal should be a part of a journey, and it's too often ignored.

    We have put many hours into rebalancing early game party quest rewards and experience. Kerning PQ, Carnival PQ, Ludibrium PQ, Orbis PQ, and Ludibrium Maze PQ all now have revamped rewards and small repeatable NX achievements as well as boosted EXP rates. Required amount of players has been lowered for Kerning, Ludi, and Orbis PQ to 3, 5, and 5 respectively. If you wish, you may farm these NX achievements in game.
    After much deliberation and receiving feedback from players we have decided to remove the level cap on all party quests except for Carnival PQ.

    Training mobs typically found in the chimney will now grant half experience (Rotting Skeleton, Dead Scarecrow, and Twisted Jester). In exchange, we have buffed some old nostalgic favorites by about 25%. We hope that players will enjoy experimenting and exploring on their way to max level.

    Buffed mobs (WIP) (open)

    Jr Wraith
    Ribbon Pig
    Horny Mushroom
    Zombie Mushroom
    Master Chronos
    Wooden Target Dummy
    Coolie Zombie
    Dark Stone Golem
    Mixed Golem
    Risell Squid
    Bone Fish
    Cold Shark
    Ghost Pirate
    Dual Ghost Pirate
    Spirit Viking
    Gigantic Spirit Viking
    Death Teddy
    Master Death Teddy
    Phantom Watch
    Grim Phantom Watch

    Boss PQ rewards (WIP) (open)

    Boss rewards are a work in progress

    Easy 2,000
    Medium 4,000
    Hard 8,000
    Hell 25,000

    Scissors of Karma // 5520000
    Gelt Chocolates // 2022121 (Receive 2 - 5 chocolates at random)

    Vicious Hammer
    Subani Ankh
    Antellion Relic
    Naircain Jewel
    Royal Hair Coupon
    Royal Face Coupon

    Wheel of Destiny
    Stone Tiger Head
    Crystal Shard

    Taru Totem
    Transparent Shield (NX item)

    Strawberry Popsicle
    Chicky Face Decoration

    NX income, voting and vanity items
    Voting reward amount has been reverted to the original 6k / 24 hours. We have added a second voting link as we will begin to actively promote our server more often. Voting for us on Gtop100 using our voting link will award you 4k NX/24 hours. Voting for us on Ultimate Private Servers will award you 2k NX/24 hours. Please remember to complete the captchas as your vote will not be counted if you don't! We have reached out to Gtop100 and they have assured us that a new pingback system to verify votes (one that will be compatible with our system) will be implemented soon™.

    Many achievement amounts have been lowered in exchange for adding more repeatable achievements. We have added a few vanity prizes along with the usual NX rewards, and plan on adding a variety of different achievables going forward to encourage more active gameplay and less passive farming.

    This brings us to one of our biggest changes: NX items purchased from the Cash Shop will now expire after 90 days or the stated time (for example: 1 day mushroom shops will expire after 24 hours of being purchased). We understand that at the beginning this may be frustrating as everyone wants to get outfits or shops, but please let us assure you that after the first week or two you will have no problem upkeeping your NX lifestyle.
    NX earned from in game events, Gold slimes, FoJ, Boss PQ, or anything other than being purchased from the cash shop will not expire. We expect to see permenant or "rare" nx items become a staple in the market and a part of the economy. Permenant merchants will be obtainable for end-game players through gameplay.

    Hair and Eye changes are still available throughout the Destiny world. Regular hair style, hair color, lens color and face style coupons can be purchased for meso, and VIP coupons can be purchased from the Cash Shop with NX. Royal hair style and face style coupons have been moved to boss PQ rewards, and later this month we will be introducing an exclusive donor stylist. Royal hair styles will also be updated by the end of Febuary and a full list for both Royal and Donor stylists will be posted on the forums.

    Destiny points (WIP) (open)

    Destiny point list (Donor Points)

    All Stars hair coupon

    Note (pack of 8)

    5 DP
    Red Luck Sack
    Donor medal
    (30 days)
    Smega Title (30 days)
    All stars hair coupon (Pack of 3)
    Note (pack of 20)
    Player NPC update - Update the look of your player NPC
    Guild Leadership Change - Must be purchased by the guild leader. 7 day cool down.

    10 DP
    Basic Character Rename
    - Player may rename their character with an available name, or a name from a banned character that was under level 120.
    Guild Name Change - Unhappy with your guild name? Choose from an available name and rename your guild!

    15 DP
    Character Rename Exchange
    - Player may rename up to two characters at once via IGN exchange but NOT two separate characters. Must receive consent OR the desired IGN (character) must be inactive for over a year and be under level 150.
    Unlimited Miu Miu (30 days)

    Unlimited VIP Rock (30 days)

    25 DP
    Custom Guild HQ
    (30 day rental)

    50 DP
    Player NPC
    - Archived on our designated map with a message of your choice

    Strikeout will be added at a later date

    Staff changes and organization
    We are excited to announce that our GM Shuryo has been promoted to Head GM. Over and over again he has proven his loyalty and dedication to Maple Destiny, and we are confident that he is the best person for the position.
    Post wipe, we expect our staff to maintain a certain level of in game activity (including events), and we believe that Shuryo will do his best at monitoring and organizing our in game team.
    Unfortunately due to circumstances outside of our control, we've decided it is best that one of our newest recruits Katherine be demoted from our team. Sometimes it just doesn't work out, and that's okay.
    HeyoAlex has decided to decline the offered position of Intern, so we are pleased to welcome @Shunri to our team of Interns. He will be available in game to answer questions in the new world!

    A week post wipe, our beloved developer @Cipher will be taking a well deserved nap. We will be returning to a regular update schedule and slow down a bit on development. @Exodus will be front lining the dev team while Cipher hibernates. Exodus has many interesting (evil) plans in mind, so don't fret the updates will continue to roll out!

    Account creation limits, PQ level limits, and post-wipe prizes
    We've decided to scrap both the Account creation limits and PQ level limits due to player reaction.
    Carnival PQ will be the only PQ with a level cap to it, all other PQs become unlocked after reaching the correct level (ie: kerning PQ unlocks at level 21).

    Post wipe prizes will be handed out for the first two weeks manually by GMs. You may accept one prize package per account, and prize packages can not be moved after being accepted.

    What's happening right now?
    Currently we're putting on the finishing touches. Carnival PQ will be disabled for 24 hours while we finish patching the final bugs. Missing drops will be added, and our post-wipe event is being finalized. The WZ files are not quite ready to go, so no additional downloads will be needed at launch.

    Posts will be added to this thread as more and more things are completed.
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