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    2015 has been a crazy ride for us all. With the recent changes to management and staff, server migration and learning curve, a lot has been happening on the server... and behind the scenes. We are almost four years strong. Four years living in a world that wasn't meant to last longer than a few months-- somehow, together, we made it work.

    On a personal note- this server has been a journey for me. I started out as a player, excited to experience all of those warm and fuzzy nostalgic feelings, moved up to an intern, to a GM, to Admin, and now to management. I have seen this server through thick and thin, stuck it out when others left, and never once lost that feeling of love and pride that I still feel, more than ever, today. I hope that you all understand that no major decision is ever made hastily. The staff have spent hundreds of hours discussing and debating issues and ideas. We have reached out to the community multiple times, scanning the forum and listening in-game.

    We have all come to a conclusion that 2016 will be our best year yet. This is the year that we all band together to forgive and forget our mistakes of the past. To correct our flaws and to improve not only for ourselves, but for the new players, old players, and everyone who just passes by. The staff are all renewed and ready to take on whatever challenges appear before us, including one very large challenge that has been in the works for over half a year now.

    Today we are here to confirm that we will be going through the one and only hard wipe of the MapleDestiny game server, database, and forum.
    Maple Destiny will close on 1/31/2016. Our freshly wiped server will release to the public on 2/1/2016.


    Throughout the years, there have been many different perspectives and opinions shared on why we should or shouldn't wipe. A few points stick out more than others.

    Boss PQ, NX, and rates
    When MapleDestiny first opened, it was pretty much just a snapshot of what "DestinyMS" was before it went down. The server we were based off of was not built to last. It was famous for having wipes every few months, and constantly starting over again. The core part of our server - Boss PQ - was not made for properly stimulating an economy for 3+ years. Because of this our world is saturated with white scrolls and perfect items. White scrolls are now used for currency more often than actual meso, and perfect items are just traded around instead of being worked for. Boss PQ rewards, Donation rewards, and voting rewards were all contributors to our stagnated gameplay and economy. Simply "nerfing" these aspects would just enrage new players and old alike, since old players would be so far ahead and new players would never be able to catch up. This issue has been talked about between players and staff on the forums again and again, for almost two years now. We are certain that the only way improve this situation is to start out on a clean slate.

    We are the only low-rate server that offers 16x EXP, and that's special to us. Such a high rate is great for getting us through those tedious first levels, and since most of our content is after 4th job we've decided to keep it this way. The problem we run into here is that level 200 means nothing now- and this is what we want to change. We will be heavily nerfing the EXP gained at levels 190 - 200. We will be changing the rewards earned for achieving level 200- new medal stats, special vanity items, and other unlockables will be available to you after pushing through and getting to that sweet, sweet max level.
    This will all be elaborated upon sometime during the next two weeks leading up to our release.

    Our Past
    Mismanagement and staff blunders
    We've had a lot of staff members come and go over the years. Most of them were amazing and are missed. Some of them did more harm than good, others had no regard for procedure or respect for players. Staff members are human, and sometimes we make mistakes- though this is no excuse for some of the problems we've experienced. It was unfair that the players had to pay for our mistakes, and it has really left a sour taste in the mouths of many of our community members. This is something we'd like to never see happen again. We want to wash away the bad and start anew. No hard feelings, no guilt, no resentment. Trust, honesty, and forgiveness is the foundation to a healthy relationship, and we want to have that with our whole community.

    Family Growth
    Expanding our team and Intern program

    With staff applications closed and interviews conducted, we are pleased to welcome in two brand new in-game staff members.

    Indie (@Duhvee) shows us all again and again that being helpful and kind without expecting anything in return leaves a lasting impression and never goes unnoticed. If you've been an active member of our forum you will have seen our "Volunteer Geek-squad leader" in action, offering assistance to players with anything from technical problems to basic server-specific questions. We are confident that he will thrive with our team. Indie will covering our (GMT/UTC) + 1 timezone.

    DualHearts (@Katherine) was chosen to fill our final GM spot. His kindness and passion for the server really hit our hearts. Along with having great general knowledge of our server, he also looks to help us connect further with our Chinese, Malay, and Singaporean community members. Filled to the brim with new ideas and enthusiasm, DualHearts is sure to be a great addition to our team and will be covering the GMT +8 timezone.

    We received an overwhelming show of support and interest from the entire community and we are saddened that we can't accept more people. This led us to our decision to reintroduce our Intern program.

    An Intern is a player whose character is promoted to a GM legit. These players receive in game notifications of hacking, reports, @gm notices, and will have direct access to staff chat. These players are recruited for various reasons, and are mainly there to help you guys answer questions when other staff can't be reached! Internships last up to 3 months (with possible extensions in rare cases).
    Effective 1/18/2016 @OnceMore (Lucifer) and @Dizzzy (HeyoAlex) are both being promoted to Intern.

    Attracting new players and keeping them
    Old versions of MapleStory were very confusing to new players, especially if it was the first time playing it. MapleDestiny is no stranger to this. We see new players joining every day, but it's rare to see them stick around until level 200 where most of our content is. We plan to revise the PQ system, common training spots, tool tips and add a sense of direction to early levels in hopes that any new players who join will have a less frustrating experience.

    Forum, voting, and donations
    Our forum has always been a big part of MapleDestiny. This is where we share our thoughts and opinions, seek help, or even just brag. Going into a new version of ourselves, we've decided it's time to wipe the Forum. Removing all past arguments and attacks will help us move on. We will be archiving everything, so all of our memories will still be packed away. It's time for us to start new conversations and make new memories. That being said, Archives will be available for players wishing to venture to the past.

    Our server is overflowing with NX. One large contributor to this is our Donations system. This system was never meant to be pay-to-win in any way. With the game wipe will come a big overhaul of the donation reward system. A heavy nerf to NX earned along with reworks on different rewards will hopefully make it feel more fair while still being desired, and less like an obligation.

    After the release of the new server, Juliet (our donation NPC) will be disabled for the first week of uptime. The reason behind this is the staff understand that one of the most exciting times during a competitive server is the initial race. Disabling donations for the first week will put all players on an even starting line, and ensure everyone has a fair start. We will be archiving all of the original player NPCs on the new server on a designated map. More information about this will be released when we get closer to the wipe date.

    Donations are just that- donations. By showing your support to help us keep running, you're contributing to the success of the server and the stability of our home. We've moved away from our previous host for now and are experimenting with a new host (this may change in the next few months). All of the donations of the past were appreciated, but we will not be "refunding" donations made in the past. We will be awarding Donation Points on the new server for anyone who has donated since **December 1, 2015 until release.

    Voting is also a contributor to our overwhelming NX problem. Upon release, we will begin advertising our server on a second top 100 site, along with changes to voting reward amounts, and times. With a lower rate of NX from votes comes more incentive to earn NX from in-game achievements. Many of these will also be changed, and a full list of achievements and amounts will be posted on the new forums upon release.

    Plans, goals, and resolutions
    We have many goals set for 2016, but some we're looking to accomplish shortly after the new server release.

    Updated WZ files
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    Cipher has already started the process of importing and fixing new WZ files. We are hoping to eventually be able to use new mobs and bosses from future versions to add more variety to our every day party questing and bossing experiences. Importing things like new hairs and eyes, chairs, NX, equipments and maps will help us with keeping events fresh and interesting, encouraging collecting, and more variety overall.

    New and improved MapleDestiny patcher

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    Our previous patcher was a really great tool, but it had it's flaws, mainly one that prevented certain people from logging in, or staying logged in. We currently have a brand new patcher in the works and hope to have it running soon after the wipe. This will help us keep your files updated and prevent abusers from entering the game. This means that once we become more interested in WZ editing, or putting out updates that require downloads, it'll be much less confusing and will require less effort on your part.

    Overall stability of the game server

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    AnarchyAngel has agreed to come back and help us shoulder some of the burden of running the actual game server, and investigating some of the issues we've been experiencing. This means more time for in game development, and less stress!

    Carnival PQ and Ellin PQ
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    If you played MapleStory global sometime in 2008 you probably know what Monster Carnival PQ was. Cipher has made it his personal project to get this working and it's just about ready to go. Ellin PQ is next in line and will be released once it's ready to go! Expect boosted EXP, better rewards, and a whole lot of fun!

    Marriage and Family
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    Amoria PQ is in desperate need of a rework, and with that comes a project that was put on hold early 2015... weddings. A custom wedding event, exclusive rewards, and an Amoria PQ rework is on it's way and is scheduled to release sometime mid-2016 (and yes, same-sex marriages will of course be enabled). The family system is queue'd up to be fixed in the meantime and should be an interesting motivator for leveling up!

    Fixing quests
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    There are a lot of quests that need to be fixed, and our team is up for the challenge! Later in 2016 after we complete some of our projects, we will begin working on fixing every quest on the server (minus a few that are removed for specific reasons). By the end of the year we hope that you will never again find yourselves asking "will this quest work?".

    Website revamp and structured staff events
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    We have already began looking for a GFX artist or website designer to help us polish our website. What we have now works fine, it's basic and easy to navigate... but we're looking for a little more flash! Here are a few of the ideas we're considering. Along with a new website comes more structured staff events. We will be working with new hires and our current staff base to have everyone be more active and host pre-planned events more often. Post-wipe, the Mia NPC (Event reward NPC) will be reworked to include new prizes, and a new way of obtaining those prizes once you've earned your currency from events!

    We know that it's impossible to make everyone happy and understand if some of you are upset and choose to leave. Deciding to wipe was hands down the hardest decision we've ever had to make, and we believe that this is the best path to take in order to see continued success. This is the only time we will ever wipe, this is everyone's one chance to start over.

    We are all so excited to enter this new chapter in our server's history together, and we hope that you all join us.

    Official Server Wipe Discussion Thread can be found HERE

    ** After further deliberation we have decided to refund all donation points purchased from December 1st, 2015 until release (Feb 1, 2016).
    To clarify this means refunding donation points, not donations. Anyone who has donated after December 1st up until release will be receiving those donation points on the new server.
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