Completed [World Event] Holiday Chaos!

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    T'was the night before Maplemas and all through the world,
    Not an ore was dropping, not silver, not gold.
    The Free Market was filled, and shops stocked with care,
    But wait... why is Happyville still so bare?

    Log in game to join in the fight to reclaim the world. Every couple hours, Happyville villains are swarming towns in channel 1, causing chaos and confusion! What are they doing? Where are they going? Is there more to the story that we don't know?

    Bring Santa back his presents to claim rewards!

    This event will end on 12/31/2015.

    (Mob waves will spawn in random towns. Kill mobs to gain presents. Turn presents in to Santa in Happyville for cool swag.)
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    Prize list is as follows:
    (In no specific order)

    Rudolph (NX)
    Maplemas Ham
    Sugar-Coated Olives
    Holiday Sock
    Santa Sled (NX)
    Scissors of Karma
    Item Megaphone
    Korean Woodwind Moon Bunny Chair
    Winter Wonderland (NX)
    Christmas Melon
    Ice Cream Pop
    December Chair
    Harp Seal Doll Outfit (NX)
    Harp Seal Mask (NX)
    Harp Seal (NX)
    Gelt Chocolate
    Jingling Santa (NX)
    Wee Lightbulbs
    Banana Graham Pie
    Hand Mark (NX)
    AP Reset
    Holiday Sock Summon Sack
    Onyx Apple
    Floaty Snowman Balloon (NX)
    Subani's Mystic Cauldron
    Red Christmas Sock
    Green Christmas Sock
    Navy Christmas Sock
    White Christmas Sock
    Yellow Christmas Sock
    Purple Christmas Sock
    Red Waist Warmer
    Blue Waist Warmer
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    This event has been extended until the end of 01/04/2016.
    Happyville will remain open until 01/11/2016.