Patch Version V5

The latest version of the patcher will now always reside at

[World Event] Summer Lovin'

More information here!

[Community Swag]BLACKPENOR and Friends Ep. 6

Community vdeo by: BLACKPENOR
Did you miss an episode? See the rest of the other BP and Friends episodes here!

Client update 4/11/2014

Hello players, the update introduced today that enables NX items in merchants requires that you download our new client here.

See update thread here.
Thank you for playing!

Download mirror here.

[Release] CWKPQ

Official release thread here.

[Release] Pink Bean!

Pink Bean is here.

Help us Destiny, you're our only hope.
Official release thread here.

[World Event & Content] Louis is Hungry!

Louis is hungry!

Join us during the month of April to celebrate Easter and all things spring!
StarFrozen is in Kerning City and he's looking for food. Speak with Mad Bunny to help us feed Louis!

[Permanent Content]
Looking to upgrade your end game pole-arm? Harry in Florina Beach is willing to help!
Full information about the event and content here.
Stay beautiful, Destiny.

[World Event] Happy Birthday, MapleDestiny

Time to celebrate our second anniversary!

Another year has come and gone, so it's time to party!
Join our world event by collecting Birthday Candles that drop from every mob and exchange them with Wonky for prizes!

Double Donations are back!
Receive double points for all donation transactions throughout the month of March!

Full information about the event here.
Stay beautiful, Destiny.